Why Are My Braces Having Trouble Closing the Spaces Between My Teeth?

An orthodontic problem that frequently occurs (or reappears afterward) is the absence of a gap in between the teeth. You may have difficulty seeing the teeth due to the teeth themselves, the bone surrounding the teeth, or teeth in the other arch. Here are the possibilities.

It may be due to the shapes and sizes of your teeth

The size, shape, or position of the teeth themselves are the most common reasons for spaces, not closing (or staying closed). It may be that a tooth is too narrow on top, too narrow on the bottom, or too small all around. Two normal-sized, correctly positioned teeth can’t fit between two teeth of such a size. An unnaturally shaped or too small tooth has to be resized or reshaped. A dentist or an orthodontist may remove tooth structure or place restorative material (composite or porcelain).

Spaces can be prevented from closing because of the angle of the teeth

Additionally, some teeth are angled in ways that prevent a full space closure. It may be difficult to fully connect the crowns of two teeth if the roots of the teeth are touching beneath the bone. Teeth that are tipped towards each other may leave a triangular-shaped space below the contact point if the crowns are brought together. The orthodontist uses an x-ray to determine whether to move a tooth or reshape it to eliminate space between the teeth.

Teeth may be affected by the gums, bones, and ligaments around them

There are times when the teeth are healthy, but there are problems with the surrounding structures. As a result of ankylosis, a tooth may not be able to be moved to close a space. If the tooth needs to be made wider, veneers or crowns may be required. Patients may have tissue between their teeth that is too dense or thick for full space closure (such as the frenum between their upper central incisors). It can be treated by removing the extra tissues through a procedure called a frenectomy or a gingivectomy.

Space closure can also be hindered by tumors or pathologies of the tongue

In addition to developing spaces between teeth that are difficult to close and maintain, patients with tongue thrusts may also experience tongue posturing issues (or “tongue thrust”). Tongue exercises are effective for some patients (myofunctional therapy), whereas for others, “tongue spurs” are required during treatment and permanent retention afterward. Rarely, there may be a cyst or growth between the roots of the teeth, which creates a space or prevents it from closing. By removing the pathology, oral surgeons can eliminate it.

An opposing arch (the bite) may prevent spaces from closing

The problem may be the teeth on the other arch (the bite) if there are stubborn spaces that won’t close or reopen after they have been closed, and none of the above causes seem to be the problem. The lower front teeth can push against the backs of the upper front teeth, creating spaces. An adjacent cuspid or bicuspid in one arch can also wedge between two teeth in the opposite arch to create a space or prevent one from closing. By moving or reshaping the involved teeth, spaces caused by the opposing occlusion can be closed.

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