What Makes Rolex Diamond Watches So Special?

Rolex Diamond Watch

Rolex is the most popular watch brand in the world that has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing luxury watches since 1905. All global personalities from sports, cinema, politics, and business are known to buy Rolex diamond watches. To name a few, John F Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Paul Newman, and Cristiano Ronaldo are some of the most popular Rolex owners.

Rolex is the most valuable and widely renowned luxury watch brand in the world due to its expertise in manufacturing high-end mechanical watches. Owning an iconic model like a contemporary Rolex day-date or a vintage Submariner resembles your class and status. 

Its intricacy in the designs, a rarity in the materials, and of course, its quality are the attributes that make Rolex luxury watches such popular and always in demand. But, the other world-renowned watch brands such as Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet are equally impeccable at producing transcendent watches. Then what sets Rolex watches apart? Their rich and varied history of innovation and leadership in watchmaking!

Now that you have a brief idea of the specialty of Rolex luxury watches, let’s find out the top models of Rolex diamond watches for men & women.

#1. Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II

It’s one of the most iconic black diamond Rolex watches that is widely renowned for its unique and attractive double-colored bezels, solidified with a black dial. This masterpiece is crafted with 18k white gold featuring a 12-hour hand, 24-hour hand, and Oyster Fliplock bracelet. While the case of this luxury watch measuring 40 millimeters in diameter is entirely encrusted with 76 diamonds, the bezel is covered with 23 diamonds, 18 rubies, and 18 sapphires.

#2. Rolex GMT 116769TBR

It’s the world’s most expensive Rolex diamond watch. Basically, the price of the watch is solely responsible to make this masterpiece highly ranked at the top of the list of expensive luxury watches ever made by Rolex. However, thanks to its dazzling features that this magnificent and stunning watch is widely celebrated for its exclusiveness and quality. This iconic model of an automated or self-winding Rolex watch comes with a wave diamond dial, luminous hour markers, luminous hands, and an Oyster Fliplock clasp. While the bracelet is made up of 18K white gold, the sides, case, and locks are embedded with adorning diamond pieces.

#3. Rolex Platinum Pearlmaster 18956

Launched in 2011, this iconic Platinum Rolex piece is widely available as a special edition watch. It’s beautifully crafted with a unique diamond meteorite dial, a platinum case measuring 39 millimeters in diameter, a baguette diamond bracelet, a bezel inlaid with 40 diamonds along with a hidden clasp to add more elegance, a double-quick set made of sapphire crystal and an Oyster 20 mm bracelet.

#4. Rolex Datejust Ladies White Gold Diamond Pave Watch

If you love to buy Rolex diamond watches, you should definitely add this classic piece to your wardrobe. It’s one of the most-loved Rolex watches amongst women since it is completely covered with pave diamonds, especially the dial. Made up of 18k white gold, this stunning and gorgeous watch features functions such as automatic movements, seconds, minutes, hours, and dates. It comes with a case that measures 26 millimeters in diameter, encrusted with 150 diamonds. These features along with the intricate design make this accessory one of the most expensive watches for women ever made by Rolex.

#5. Rolex Datejust Ladies Yellow Gold Diamond Pave Watch

It’s ranked as the 4th most expensive diamond watch made by Rolex and spot #1 as the world’s most expensive watch to be made of 18k yellow gold. The other features that make this watch an iconic piece include pave diamond dial, automatic movement, hours, seconds, minutes, and date functions. This 18k yellow gold watch comes with a bracelet inlaid with diamonds and a case measuring 26 millimeters in diameter, entirely embedded with 150 diamonds.

#6. Rolex Watches-Daytona White Gold-Diamond Bezel – 116599TBR

It’s one of the best-selling watches in the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch series. The most attractive features of this magnificent piece of accessory include an 18K white gold case measuring 40 millimeters in diameter, end-pieces inlaid with 48 diamonds, a bezel embedded with 36 baguette diamonds, a pave diamond dial, a black strap, and an 18K white gold clasp along with enamel Arabic numerals.

#7. Rolex Watches Day Date Special Edition Platinum Masterpiece

It’s a uniquely designed watch from Rolex that you would really want to own for a long time. It features an eye-catching dark mother of pearl dial, an Oyster bracelet measuring 20 millimeters, diamond hour markers comprising two baguettes & eight round diamonds, and a platinum case measuring 39 millimeters in diameter with a diamond bezel encrusted with 40 diamonds.


Now that you have read the entire blog, you know why experts consider Rolex the most valuable luxury watch brand. Whether or not you want to buy Rolex diamond watches, completely depends upon your investment goals, experience, and timeframe. However,  if you really want to own a masterpiece that will maintain its value, a black diamond Rolex watch is a great option!

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