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Microsoft power apps

Make simple apps for your business without the huge cost

Microsoft Power Apps is Microsoft’s platform for developing apps. The basic idea behind the program is to give the user a tool to develop relatively simple applications using a system that does not place the great demands on understanding code and app development.

However, Microsoft Power Apps are also used by professional developers as it enables them to develop good apps faster and more efficiently. Therefore, Microsoft Power Apps have a lot of different benefits that can also benefit you and your business.

At One Point, we can help you get started using Microsoft Power Apps or assist you in development, so it does not have to be so costly for you to produce your own work-related application that is quite suitable for internal use.

What are Microsoft Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps is a really smart tool that is part of the “Power family” from Microsoft, which also includes Power BI and Microsoft Flow. It can be used to build web-based applications that can run as a standalone application on a computer, on a smartphone, on a web page, or through platforms such as SharePoint or Microsoft Dynamics.

Here you can build simple but smart applications for internal use in your company, which can, for example, help with onboarding processes for newly started employees or task management of various kinds. Therefore, Microsoft Power Apps is an acquaintance that can add value to your business and possibly help increase the productivity and efficiency of your business while potentially providing happier employees.

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What are the benefits of using Microsoft Power Apps?

One of the absolute biggest benefits of using Microsoft Power Apps is how quickly a well-functioning app can be developed and put into use. It costs far from the same as having a dedicated app development agency to develop an application, and it places very few demands on technical understanding as it is based on block programming.

This means that you can choose from a number of existing components, from which you can build your application through a simple drag and drop approach. This makes app development as easy as it has never been before.

In the past, the development of well-functioning apps has required a specific knowledge of APIs, functions and objects, etc. – but with Microsoft Power Apps, all the heavy coding work has been replaced by relatively understandable drag and drop maneuvers.

One of the biggest challenges in developing business-related applications is to connect the application to different data sources. But with Microsoft Power Apps, there’s not that big of a problem, there are a lot of pre-programmed templates that help integrate data from the most popular Microsoft programs that are probably already in use in your business.

Microsoft Power Apps integration with Office 365, Flow, and Power BI makes it easy to move data from SharePoint, Excel, or any other Office 365 application used by your company’s employees.

Let us help you get started with P Microsoft Power Apps

However, Microsoft Power Apps is not necessarily completely self-explanatory if the integration between different applications is to work flawlessly. This is exactly where you have the opportunity to benefit from our expertise.

Our specialists are happy to help you understand the possibilities in Microsoft Power Apps and are also happy to assist in the development, so that your company gets an app that works 100% as intended and provides value from day one.

If you would like to hear more about how you can get a well-functioning application through Microsoft Power Apps, you are of course welcome to contact one of our consultants. We will always listen to your ideas and the needs that exist in your Microsoft consulting company before we bring our knowledge of the possibilities of Microsoft Power Apps into play and come up with a suggestion for a good solution for you.