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People are moving on NFT (unpleasant icon). A Reuters report on July 5 said the first half of 2021 saw $ 2.5 billion in NFT sales, compared to $ 13.7 billion in sales in the first half of 2020, according to information from Dap Radar.

Meme token currently has a market cap of $ 31.5 billion, according to Coin market cap com. However, the amount of money invested in this region continues to rise daily, with Doge coin estimated at $ 28.6 billion in the stock market. In addition, other meme token such as Shaba Innu and Mona Coin also find great interest in money.

These two domains, the NFT coin and the meme token, are recommended for launch in the crypto world. Memes are an easy way to interact. They tend to tend to be cheap, especially, in this world of starvation today, they do their job in seconds.

This is approaching the launch of Mama com, a platform that serves as a platform for meme tokens in NFT. The website describes itself as: Imagine if Wikipedia and Dogecoin gave birth.

Meme token is ready to pause the NFT zone

At the core, meme token is a platform for individuals to discover different types of memes and systems in the digital world. . ”Also, everything in the meme is collected, celebrities will receive monthly prizes, including NFTs.

The platform makes all the good sounds and attracts attention from good people. He revealed a $ 5 million investment around the recent of May The likes of block chain-focused equity financials consisting of Outlier Ventures, Digital Finance Group, Morningstar, Block hype, and Spark Digital Capital, actually purchased by meme token.

In addition, meme token received financial support from donating angels such as Gabby Dizon, President of Altitude Sports, and Polygon Sanded Railway sponsor.

“We believe that memes and marketing meme, like, are a promising and innovative way to empower employees or create a position,” said Joanna Liang, head of investing in Digital Finance Group.

$ MEM is a landmark for Mama com and can be used for purchasing meme symbols as well as for developing and updating marble cards, in addition to platform pricing, classification and management. In fact, on June 15, Meme com unveiled its IDO (initial Dec donation), first in Polka starter and in its Polygon release.

Matthias Tyler, co-founder of meme com, and a passerby of ‘Sir Stinks’ on the website, said, “Memes have become such an important part of culture that we are surprised that no previous effort has been made to build an existing platform. let ours.

With so many examples of ‘stock meme’ and ‘coin meme’ like Doge coin, we thought we could also break down and expel memes immediately. Through IDO, we want to distribute our large number of subscribers so we can let them explore our platform, following our $ 5 million investment plan. “

Meme com is part of the first NFT service developed on the thorium and Marble. Cards network and announces that users have already opened up to 120,000 NFTs on its platform.

Disclaimer: This post is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended or intended to be used as a rule, tax, investment, investment, or other directive.

Doge coin (DOGE) traded 26% between turmoil and meme symbols

While Bit coin (BTC) and thorium (ETH) are attracting the attention of all crypto currencies, the meme coin is moving slowly. Dogecoin ‘& rsquo; s (DOGE) has actually risen 26% in the last 24 hours and is currently trading at $ 0.26 with a cap of $ 34.8 billion since the press release

The market value of Doge coin in the last 24 hours has gone up $ 7.9 billion and is lower than that of Bit coin (BTC), thorium (ETH), and Tether (USDT). The trading area at Binance alone represents 20% of all volumes.

But this rally is not ‘& rsquo; Dogecoin Crypto Colin wu reporter says other meme icons are also successful. Wu says more often:

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Rise of the Crypto Meme

Make crypto currencies continue to exist for 2021. DOGE ‘& risqué; the return of the year is now 65 times or we can say a big 6400%. Meme crypto currency has received strong support from a number of well-known groups in many markets.

Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk has become a sponsor of Doge coin Space rocket trading platform and accepts Dogecoin payments for ‘& lsquo; Doge -1 Mission to the Moon ‘& risqué ;.

Doge coin has streamlined its process to become the tenth largest crypto currency by market cap. Currently, DOGE is the seven most important investment funds. However, it is still trading above the 60% discount rate from the ever high of $ 0.70.

Other meme coins have manually reached the glory of Dogecoin In this report, Shiba Inu also trades 24% at the $ 0.000008199 rate. SHIB ‘& rsquo; the annual return is more than 100 times. It looks like a meme icon holding protests in all crypto areas.

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