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When it’s Wedding Season, everyone loves to wear sarees. Also, everyone wants to have a unique look from each other. Be it any body type, sarees are chosen by all women across the world. However, not everyone steals the crowd’s attention.

Looking for stunning ideas to wear a saree? Be it silk sarees or chiffon, sarees give a lot of styling options. Simply put, you can never go wrong with wearing a saree. Besides, if you’re looking for ways to look gorgeous, then here is how you can wear a saree and steal everyone’s attention.

  1. Lehenga Style Saree
Lehenga Style Saree

Why buy a lehenga when you can wear your silk saree instead? You did hear correctly. The lehenga style is one of the most fashionable and widely used ways to wear a saree. You can wear silk lehengas over thick silk sarees.

It also goes without saying that it is a great choice if you want to showcase your curves without having to deal with the hassle of draping a saree!

  1. Saree with a Belt
Saree with a Belt

Wearing a saree with a belt is one such look that has taken over the Indian fashion industry. Over plain silk sarees, a belt gives all the stunning looks that women require to make a fashion statement. To have the best look choose from unique collections of pure silk saree online.

Use a basic saree drape and a belt to help cinch your pallu at the waist to achieve the right appearance. You can also style it with a Kamar bandh if you want something more traditional and think it is too ultra-modern. Besides, pair your saree with a bold blouse to give this look more grace and personality.

However, the easiest way to improve your saree draping technique is probably to just put on a belt and wrap it around your waist. Depending on the color and design of your saree, you can use a traditional tan or brown leather belt or a distinctive accessory. Replace your heels with a traditional pair of boots or sneakers for a more unique appearance.

  1. Pant Style Saree
Pant Style Saree

Another well-liked saree styling option is the pant-style drape. It is a contemporary saree drape, yet simple, cozy, practical, and incredibly stylish. You can form unique saree collections with aesthetic patterns to offer an extraordinary appearance. without sacrificing the classic touch.

All you need to do is wear pants underneath the saree in order to get the stunning look, and you must drape it from one leg while revealing only one side of the pants. Choose this style with any patterned silk saree from your collection.

  1. Pallu Style Saree
Pallu Style Saree

Do you have a fat belly? As said earlier, for women saree is a versatile option as it fits a body type. And to have a stunning look this wedding season, the best way to style your saree is to keep the pallu in the front. The front pallu style will make you look stylish with a dash of tradition.

Due to the weight of most silk sarees, you can get this appearance by hanging your saree so that the bulky pallu hangs in front of your shoulder. This also makes it possible to show off the saree’s full splendour and offers you an appearance that will turn heads for sure.

  1. Saree with a Jacket
Saree with a Jacket

Who said you can’t wear a saree during winter wedding seasons? Saree means anywhere and anytime. All you need to do is upgrade your silk saree look with a jacket blouse. There is no better way to give your silk saree more grace than to wear it with an elegant silk blouse that is also in a contrasting color and is intended to look like a jacket. All you need is a little self-assurance and a grin to make this look successful!

  1. Pants Drape Saree
Pants Drape Saree

For those new to sarees, a saree with a pants drape is an ideal idea. Wear a pair of slacks or jeans instead of a petticoat, then drape your saree as usual.

It is stylish, cozy, as well as practical. For pants style saree draping technique, you can wear anything from palazzos and cigarette pants to skinny jeans and sharara pants as well.

  1. Mermaid Style Drape
Mermaid Style Drape

The mermaid drape is another unique style to opt for this wedding season. It is especially suggested for curvy people. However, the good news is that practically everyone can pull off this style. The key to nailing this attractive dress code is to forego the waist pleats.

As a result, it will appear like a skirt at the bottom and will also make you look slim. It is a modern, non-bulky, and sensual take on saree draping styles for your wedding season.

  1. Dhoti Style Saree Drape

Dhoti style saree is another best option and is straight from the concept of the designer’s collection. It’s really easy to do this drape with a regular saree. All you have to do is fold the border of the saree in from the left and pin the edges.

Furthermore, a dressy top or crop top that is body-fitting will look amazing. Also wearing a fancy blouse will work. To give this Dhoti Saree a gorgeous party and stunning wedding wear look, add some beautiful makeup and jewelry.

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