Beyond the Basics: The Surprising Versatility of Fire-Retardant Plywood


Who does not love wooden furniture in their residential apartments? However, wooden furniture is prone to fire and spreads the flames when ignited easily all over the house. Well, we can’t stop these unfortunate events but we can take safety measures to prevent such emergencies. 

So, how do we make our house safe? Firewall Technology will help you to make your house safe and secure for you and your loved ones. Read the article to know more about Firewall technology. 

What is Firewall Technology?

According to an estimation, more than eleven thousand fire-related cases happen all over India in a year. These numbers are terrifying. Moreover, it puts your family in a state of depression and trauma and causes huge destruction of property and human lives. 

So, it is important to keep your house safe from such mishappenings. To make your house safe, CenturyPly has launched Firewall Technology after various research and testing. This technology is installed by CenturyPly to manufacture fire resistant plywood that combats and mitigates issues related to fire accidents. 

Benefits of Firewall Infused Plywood Sheets

How does firewall technology work? What are its benefits? Let us have a look here!

  1. Low Flammability

Flammability is defined as the duration in which the flames of the fire spread. The slower the flammability of a substance, the greater the time for evacuation. Firewall infused plywood sheets are designed in such a way that it has lower flammability in comparison with normal plywood, thus, giving ample time for the evacuation process. Moreover, if the source of the fire is addressed, these plywood sheets will reduce the flames effectively. 

  1. Low Generation of Gas

In case of a fire, toxic chemicals and poisonous gases are emitted and spread in the environment. These smokes are harmful for human health. The firewall technology lowers the generation of harmful gases in the environment. 

  1. Slower Rate of Penetration of Fire

The rate of the penetration of fire determines the severity of an accident. The slower the rate of penetration of fire, the slower the spread of flames of fire. Firewall technology has developed in such a way that it restricts the spread of fire allowing time for rescuing activities and evacuation process. At the same, the source of the fire can be identified and suppressed. It is advisable to use firewall technology in your homes to prevent such unforeseen events. 

  1. Protection of Hardware Elements

Are you concerned that moisture would deteriorate your hardware products? In this case, firewall technology is the option. It absorbs very little moisture from the environment, thus, keeping your hardware materials safe from corroding. In addition, plywood sheets infused with firewall technology come with a 21-year warranty against borers and termites. 

Products Made with Firewall Technology

CenturyPly offers firewall technology in different ranges of products to meet the diverse requirements of people. Let’s take a look.

  1. Club Prime

These plywood sheets are tested in approximately 25 houses and provide resistance to fire, thus, keeping your house safe. Moreover, it comes with a 30 years warranty against termites and borers. 

  1. Architect Ply

These are one of the best quality plywood sheets manufactured by CenturyPly. They are fire and moisture-resistant. They are highly durable and last for several years without losing their shine. The layers of these sheets are enriched with BWP Grade, providing extra security to your house. Moreover, it comes in multiple sizes to meet your requirements. 

In a Nutshell

The primary objective of building a house is to provide a safe and comforting area for your family and loved ones. So, it is important to build your house in such a way that it can protect you from unfortunate fire incidents. The plywood sheets enriched with firewall technology do this job in the best manner. It can act as a savior in unfortunate times. Visit the official website of CenturyPly to know more about Firewall technology! Read now:-

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