The Best Natural Stone Pool Tiles for your Swimming Pool


Everyone enjoys being outside in the summer and having a pool in your backyard is a tremendous blessing on hot days. Summers will never be complete if you are not able to have fun and splash around in a swimming pool. Homeowners who build a swimming pool in their backyard need to take care of all aspects ranging from sound construction of the pool, functionality, what material to use for surrounding the pool.  

The must to do when building a swimming pool is to pick the appropriates tiles because you will be in contact with the pool’s surface, which must be safe, should last for ages, and add the right decorative accent to make your pool look beautiful.  

Generally, Natural Stone tiles are the most preferred option for doing a swimming pool project. Natural stone tiles give the rustic and natural appeal to your swimming pool and the stone tiles last for ages if taken care of properly.  

For homeowners who love being close to nature and have a contemporary yet timeless accent, their swimming pool loves natural stone tiles. They add beauty to the project space, they are strong and durable, and they also have low water absorption rates which makes them an ideal option to use in and around the swimming pool.  

If you are looking for tiles for your swimming pool, you cannot go wrong with Natural Stone tiles, they are strong, beautiful, and last for eternity. Let us have a quick look as to what options you can consider in natural stone pool tiles:  


Travertine is the most preferred natural stone pool tiles across the globe for doing a swimming pool. Travertine is a fantastic material for pool decking because of its stunning beauty as well as practical benefits that will keep you in the pool area for an extended amount of time, it is known for being slip resistant and can take extreme weather conditions. Travertine is sure to add an attractive appearance to your pool decks. Travertine is available in multiple colour tones and the vein on the surface makes it an elegant stone. Usually, Travertine comes in cream or ivory, silver, soft brown, taupe and rust colour options to choose as pool tiles.  


Limestone carries a subtle colour tone on the surface and has a plain texture yet adds an elegant accent as pool tiles for your deck. Limestone pool tiles come in a variety of colour options ranging from white, tan, cream, beige, soft brown, and black. Limestone pool tiles also offer high slip resistance, durability and can withstand the test of time.

Limestone tiles can last an exceptionally long time if they are installed and maintained properly. They have a beautiful appearance, and with the right installation and maintenance, they can last longer. If you want a touch of luxury and a reminiscence of an old charm, then limestone is the right material for you.  


Pool coping and surrounds are frequently made of sandstone. It also has anti-slip qualities, but because it is so porous, it needs to be thoroughly sealed before being used near a pool. Sandstone is incredibly durable and stands the test of time.

Your swimming pools and the surrounding areas’ attractiveness will be improved by natural sandstone. Sandstone has a variety of colour options to choose from, it ranges from beige, grey, white, and soft brown. If you are looking to do a pool project, sandstone pool tiles are a good option to look in.  


Marble pool tiles are highly sought after for a luxurious feel, they are sure to add elegance and sophistication to your swimming pool project. They look fantastic and need no too little maintenance. Marble pool tiles are synonymous with beauty and luxury.

It is highly recommended to use an anti-slip resistance pool tile of marble, honed or smooth surface will not have great resistance and could be slipper at times. Marble pool tiles are available in colour options like white, grey, and green. They are strong and if professionally installed can last for ages.  


Bluestone is getting a lot of traction as pool tiles across the globe. They are a wonderful option for doing a pool project and are sure to add finesse to your pool deck. Bluestone pool tiles have extraordinarily little colour variation and they are an attractive option to be used as pool tiles.

What you could see on the bluestone tiles surface are some marks known as “catspaws,” which adds a different charm to the beauty of the stone. Bluestone pool tiles feel great and smooth under the feet. Bluestone, just like any other natural stone pool tiles would require sealing and is another durable option to do your pool deck. The beauty of bluestone and dark grey-blue shades creates a great combination. 


Granite is the most durable natural stone pool tiles anyone can aspire to when doing a pool project. Not only do they look good on the pool deck but also will last the test of time. Granite Pool Tiles are a value for money option to decorate your pool space.

There are a wide range of colour options available in granite pool tiles for the homeowners to choose from. They are available in green, red, grey, honey, and black colour options and are an ideal choice as pool tiles. Granite pool tiles are a sturdy, water resistant stone that requires almost no maintenance and are sure to bring aesthetic appeal to your pool deck.  

Crazy Pavers 

Crazy Pavers is becoming a popular option as pool tiles. Crazy Pavers means the irregular cut stones that can be used as paving materials surrounding the swimming pool Crazy paving is the combination of varied sizes and shapes of tiles.

They offer a unique and distinctive look to your pool deck, which is not possible with standard rectangular or square-sized pool tiles. Crazy pavers come in different stone materials like travertine, sandstone, limestone, bluestone, etc., and can be used as pool tiles if you are aiming for a different appeal to your swimming pool.  


Natural stones are one of the most preferred pool tiles that add beauty, elegance, and sophistication to any swimming pool. They are available in varied sizes, textures, shapes and colour options to meet anyone’s demand and these pool tiles can last for ages if installed and maintained properly. 

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