Is It Too Late to Straighten Your Teeth as an Older Adult?

Teeth Aligners

Your smile is one way to express yourself. Smiling is the best thing to express yourself out, and it also makes you look confident. It may not be comfortable for you to share a big smile if you are worried about your teeth. Missing or crooked teeth are uncomfortable and may affect your dental health. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can straighten your teeth. Teeth aligners aren’t just for kids. Orthodontic treatment can benefit adults over 50 as well.

Teeth Aligners for Older Adults

There is a misconception that teeth aligners are only for children. Your teeth aligners may have helped when you were younger, but no longer seem to be effective now.

“During childhood and adolescence, teeth aligners work faster as the jawbones grow. Although teeth shift as we age, teeth aligners are still effective no matter how old we are.”

Placing pressure on teeth adjusts them, and even after bones have stopped growing, this pressure continues to work. Because bones are more solid in adults, straightening teeth takes longer. Aligners can, however, straighten teeth at any age.

Making an appointment with an orthodontist is the first step in straightening your teeth. Orthodontists specialize in aligning teeth, jaws, and bite patterns.

In order to determine how your teeth should be realigned, they’ll take x-rays.

Following the orthodontic evaluation, your orthodontist will recommend a plan and an approximate timeline for straightening your teeth.

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Types of Teeth Aligners

Adults who wish to straighten their teeth have a variety of options when it comes to teeth aligners.

‌Traditional Braces:-

Those who seek traditional braces will have metal brackets applied to each tooth and wires connected to them. Schedule appointments with an orthodontist periodically so the wires can be adjusted, and wear your braces longer than a young person might.

With traditional braces, the brackets can be seen. For those who are self-conscious about metal brackets, ceramic brackets that match your teeth are available. Metal brackets are more visible than ceramic brackets, but ceramic brackets are less noticeable.

‌Clear Aligners:-

The aligners consist of removable trays that are fitted over your teeth, each of which slowly moves your teeth. People who are self-conscious about wearing traditional braces should consider these braces as they are straightforward and very difficult to see.

If you brush your teeth or eat, you can remove the aligners. Having to clean them is easy since they can be washed with warm water and soap.

Clear aligners require you to change trays every few weeks, so you’ll need to have the orthodontist create them for you. It usually takes about the same time as traditional braces to show results.

‌At-Home Aligners:-

In some cases, you can order aligners directly from an orthodontist without stepping foot in their office. An orthodontist should be consulted if you have a complex dental history.

Lingual Appliances:-

You might consider lingual appliances if you’re concerned about wearing braces as an older adult. Language appliances are concealed behind the teeth, so no one can see them. Lingual appliances can, however, cause irritation to the tongue or make speaking difficult for some people.


In some cases, braces, as well as surgery, are needed. You may experience difficulty using your jaw due to bone issues. If you need braces or orthodontics after the surgery, you will require another type.


The retainer you wear after having your teeth straightened by an orthodontist. Retainers help prevent your teeth from shifting. The devices are worn overnight and can become part of your dental routine for life.

Braces as an Adult: Pros

As an adult, straightening your teeth provides cosmetic benefits. It is possible to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem by straightening crooked teeth.

‌In more serious cases, braces can also help. It is possible that your teeth may no longer line up as perfectly as they once did as time passes.

You might experience uneven wear on your teeth or wear-down dental crowns and fillings as a result of the misalignment. You may suffer from jaw or facial pain if your teeth are misaligned.

All these problems can be corrected with braces and your dental health can be improved.

Braces as an Adult: Cons

‌In addition to being uncomfortable, the process of getting braces takes a long time. Braces and aligners may need to be worn for at least a year. As the braces are placed and adjusted, your teeth and jaw may be sore. As you become used to them, brackets may irritate your lips and tongue.

‌Braces are also expensive. Getting braces from an orthodontist can cost several thousand dollars. There are times when dental insurance will assist with the costs, but not all plans cover braces.

‌In adulthood, straightening your teeth is a time- and money-consuming process. In the end, you may reap the benefits of a straighter smile and better dental health.

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