Taglus aligner sheets

It is necessary to grasp the various mechanical properties of the best thermoplastic sheet materials essential for an excellent aligner treatment and additional developments.

There are several reasons to decide on teeth straightening. Invisible Aligners are a more robust and improved option for teeth straightening treatment than ancient braces, as they provide more comfort and confidence throughout the treatment. Aligners have more blessings over metal, ceramic or lingual braces. They treat malocclusion, are removable, clear, transparent, and light on gums and soft tissues.

Taglus materials are excellent choices for clear aligner Sheets. They provide higher flexibility and durability than most comparable materials nowadays – and infrequently at a much better price.

Clear aligner & Retainer materials are the new generation of thermoplastics built specifically for clear aligners and retainers.

Their material advantages, ease of use, and affordability create Taglus the go-to choice for dentists, dental laboratories, and aligner firms worldwide.

  • High-Level strength and top flexibility

The ability to supply high strength (for fracture resistance) and high flexibility (for snug tooth movement) is crucial among the other key benefits of the Taglus clear aligner & retainer materials. In several materials, if you increase flexibility, you risk losing strength. But, Taglus delivers strength and adaptability at the same time.

  • Extra Continuous Force 

 All clear aligners lose power over time. If the strength of aligners to push enamel turns too low or needs adjustments too rapidly, it gets tough to get desirable & predictable teeth movement. But Taglus applies an extra continuous, powerful pressure over time, supporting you to acquire extra predictable teeth movement.

  • Simple to Use

Some aligner and retainer substances need to get processed within 15 mins of disposing of them from their defensive pouches. It happens because of extra water absorption. If the material absorbs moisture, previous to processing, the warmth from the thermoforming device will flip that water into steam. And that steam will create bubbles, which lessen the readability and the electricity of the very last aligner.

With its ultra-low water absorption, Taglus has no 15-minute processing restriction. You can successfully system it at your leisure, and it does not create bubbles throughout processing.

  • Double Protecting Lamination

The Taglus clear aligner & retainer sheets have a super-thin, shielding lamination on each side. These shielding layers are designed to be in place during the thermoforming process. They assist in guarding the aligner or retainer against soaking up nasty chemical substances, dirt, or different particles that would lessen the readability of the completed aligner or retainer. They additionally offer a typically better stage of sanitation to the completed aligner or retainer.

  • Durable and Comfortable

With their distinctive combination of high strength and high flexibility, clear aligners and retainers created with Taglus are sturdy (fracture-resistant) and comfortable.

  • Special

Taglus is the most popular Aligner associate degreed Retainer manufacturer. it’s a trading pioneer and has established itself as a distinguished brand among the other preferred thermoplastic aligner and retainer sheet manufacturers. Their material advantages, ease of use, and affordability create Taglus the superior selection for clear aligners and retainers worldwide.

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