Tactical Vest Vs. Plate Carrier: How Different are they?

Bulletproof Vest

In self-defense and armory, there are many things that can protect a person from various things, such as a military gas mask from harmful floating particles, a military bulletproof vest for safety on the battlefield, and many more.

Among the many other defense equipments, people often do not know the difference between a Tactical vest and a plate carrier. So, here we will provide you with a detailed article and the difference between both of them.

Tactical Vest

It is typically worn over clothing and to carry necessities during missions or outdoor trips; these thin vests typically have a number of pockets and connectors. When an emergency arises, those wearing tactical vests can quickly access items. These vests can be altered to carry additional items like flashlights and first aid kits in addition to magazines. The volume of the stuff a tactical vest can hold is influenced by size. Fewer vests often have a smaller capacity than larger ones.

A plate carrier and a bulletproof vest both weigh more than the average tactical vest. This is due to the fact that Kevlar and other heavy-duty materials (such as a fully integrated body armor system) that are made to stop bullets from powerful guns are not used. Instead, only lightweight ballistic nylon fabric is used. As a result, mobility is given up in exchange for protection, making your tactical vest more comfortable to wear for extended durations.

Features of Police Tactical Vest

  • Police Tactical vests are lightweight, can be adjusted, and tightly fits the body so that troops can move around easily without worrying about loose clothing.
  • Many police tactical vests come with MOLLE even though it is not a necessary part.
  • It carries the protection level same as that of a bulletproof vest and a plate carrier storage facility.

Plate Carrier

Military soldiers and law enforcement authorities typically wear these vests. Plate carriers are readily accessible on the market, and individuals can purchase and utilize them for a variety of purposes. A plate carrier has shoulder straps and a cummerbund (or waistband) to help hold the load close against your body. It resembles a straightforward vest. Ballistic plates, a substance intended to provide additional protection against bullets, can be stored in this item’s front and back pockets.

Your best option will probably be a reasonably priced plate carrier if you’re searching for greater protection without spending much money on a bulletproof vest. Ballistic nylon, which is lightweight and resistant to 9mm bullets, is used to make plate carriers. They have roomy side pockets where you can keep additional ammunition and other essential gear.


  • It is a heavy-duty armor that provides top-level protection to the wearer.
  • It has smartly made plates that provide top-level security to the essential parts of the body.
  • It comes with a 100% breathable material to avid the carrier from heating up.
  • There are various ballistic panels that you can use in these carriers for premium safety during shootouts.

This is the main difference between a plate carrier and a police tactical vest. They are both important for proper safety and are used in different situations. So, you can choose them based on your requirement.

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