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While young adult literature is rife with mystical works, there are some fantastic supernatural works for adults as well! No, we’re not talking about the popular television show Supernatural (although we still think it’s great)! We’re talking about unique books set in eerie homes, shadowy cities, and eerie places. There are werewolves, vampires, monsters, the living, the dead, supernatural book series, and everything in between in these magically infused tales. This list includes some creepy books. Some of them are enjoyable. Many titles are both of these. These supernatural books are for you if you’re the kind of reader who prefers a moonlit stroll through the neighborhood cemetery or sporadic trips to the hereafter. Included are publisher descriptions of the best thriller books 2023.

Nevermore, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Supernatural #1 (2007):

Sam and Dean have traveled to New York City to investigate the ghostly home of a local rock star. But before they can find out why a lovesick banshee wearing a heavy metal T-shirt from the 1980s is howling in the bedroom, they become aware of a much more gruesome crime. A bizarre attacker killed two college students nearby by beating them to death. It’s the most recent in a series of weird murders that the brothers quickly come to believe are inspired by the spooky tales of the late author Edgar Allan Poe. The murder is bizarre even by New York City standards. They encounter their most terrible adversary yet at the heart of one of Poe’s most famous horror stories as a result of their inquiry.

(Supernatural #2) Witch’s Canyon, Mariotte, Jeff (2007)

Sam and Dean are traveling by car to the Grand Canyon, but they are not taking a vacation. Every forty years, inexplicable killing sprees have taken place on a section of deserted farmland just beyond the canyon’s breathtaking vistas. Although there haven’t been many residents in the region recently, a nearby mega-mall is due to celebrate its grand opening, drawing thousands of new victims. The Winchester lads are eager to defend both locals and tourists, but they never imagined they’d be up against a gang of murderers this ruthless, this vengeful, and this—dead. This tiny nook of the Arizona desert is being terrorized by a lethal army of animal spirits and human ghosts. Sam and Dean will be laid to rest in the witch’s canyon if they are unable to discover why the wide-open regions of the West will once again turn into a lonely border.

(Supernatural, #3) Bone Key, DeCandido, Keith R.A. (2008):

Sam and Dean are traveling to Key West, Florida, which is home to many demons, hurricanes, and Ernest Hemingway. The tropical town has so many ghouls roaming around that ghost tours have long been one of its main sources of income. But since one of the tour guides was discovered dead from what seemed to be a heart attack—his face frozen in mid-scream—the trips are no longer offered. Nobody is aware of the horrors he witnessed, but the Winchester brothers will soon find out. They’ll soon come face to face with the specters of the island’s most notorious occupants, demons with ulterior motives, and a mysterious, ancient force seeking retribution. Before the stunning island is turned into nothing more than a pile of bones, Sam and Dean must save the residents of Key West.

Dragon’s Heart (Supernatural #4), DeCandido, Keith R.A. (2010):

Sam and Dean are made aware of a string of exceptionally violent murders in San Francisco’s Chinatown by renegade angel Castiel, and they soon come to understand that the Heart of the Dragon—an ancient evil with unimaginable power—has returned. Can the boys accomplish where their grandparents and their parents failed when they faced the dreadful ghost 20 years ago, and 20 years before that, the Campbell family battled it?

Supernatural #5, The Unholy Cause, Mr. Joe Schreiber (2010):

A civil war re-enactment gets all too real in 2009 after Confederate Captain Jubal Beauchamp leads a charge over a Georgia battlefield in April 1862. When Sam and Dean travel to the south to look into the matter, they discover that history has gotten out of control considerably.

Sons’ War (Supernatural #6), David Reed and Rebecca Dessertine (2010):

The boys are searching for Lucifer when they come across a little South Dakota hamlet and encounter an angel who offers them a deal. He dispatches them on a quest to learn a secret that Satan never intended for them to know, sending them far from home.

It’s been a year (Supernatural #7), Jennifer Dessertine (2011)

Dean is attempting to uphold his commitment to his brother and maintain a regular lifestyle with Lisa and Ben because he thinks Sam is in Hell. He persuades his new family to accompany him on a trip to Salem after realizing that a Necronomicon spell could revive Sam and Lucifer. Sam, who is closer than Dean realizes and is desperate to save his brother from the Salem witches, is nearby.

Kiss of the Coyote (Supernatural #8), Jesus Faust (2011):

On the side of the road sits a truck full of undocumented Mexican immigrants who have been mercilessly slain. Sam and Dean are thrust into the perilous world that lives along the Mexican border in search of answers. Before they reach there, they run across a tattooed, motorcycle-riding bandit who seems to be everywhere. They are drawn into a brand-new world of monsters by XochiCazadora.

(Supernatural #9) Night Terror by John Passarella (2011):

Bobby sends the guys to Clayton Falls, Colorado after hearing about some unusual occurrences there. It all sounds like the stuff of nightmares: a speeding car without a driver, a homeless man being chased by a huge Gila monster, and a young boy being hunted by uprooted trees. The lads struggle to survive a string of horrific nights as they come to understand that sometimes nightmares persist even when you’re awake.

Supernatural Episode 10: Rite of Passage, Passarella, John (2012):

When Laurel Hill, New Jersey, experiences a string of unfortunate events, the community starts to resemble one of the unluckiest locations on Earth. Sam and Dean, however, think it may be more than just poor luck. The brothers quickly understand that a potent Japanese demon is promoting the turmoil, along with Bobby Singer. However, the demon has more ambitious plans, and they will have to create their own luck in order to foil them.

(Supernatural #11) Fresh Meat, Carroll Henderson (2013):

Sam, Dean, and Bobby travel to the Sierra Nevada mountains to search for a monster with a craving for human flesh after a string of bizarre fatalities in the Tahoe National Forest. The group soon comes across a smart and dangerous foe that can take on a human shape and would stop at nothing to survive. Soon, they encounter walking corpses, bodies with missing parts, and attacks by an enigmatic flying creature. They must fight not only the monster but also the environment to survive as a blizzard hits the area and they are unsure of whom to trust.

In Flesh: Carved (Supernatural #12), Waggoner, Tim (2013):

Sam and Dean Winchester are brought to Brennan, Ohio, where reports of a devilish hound have been seen and where freshly dead, desiccated bodies have been found. However, when they capture the monstrous dog, they find that it is actually a reanimated patchwork of parts from many dogs. The brothers soon find themselves on a path that leads from biotechnology and mad scientists to centuries-old alchemists, wandering corpses, and ancient and evil power.

John Passarella’s Cold Fire (Supernatural #13) (2016):

The local police believe the disemboweled and eyeless corpse in a grisly murder in Braden Heights, Indiana, is the result of an animal assault. Sam, Dean, and Castiel start looking for connections between the victims when another body with gouged-out eyes is found, and they find out that both men were soon to become dads. As the lads look for the murderer, they learn about the town’s tumultuous past and certain secrets that some people would rather remain hidden forever.

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