Shopify VS WooCommerce: Which One is Better?

Shopify Vs WooCommerce

Choosing an e-commerce platform to launch your e-commerce website is the toughest decision to make. Although there are many choices, you might get confused between all these platforms because each one comes with different facilities and services.

If you are looking for a reliable platform where you can easily and affordably build your e-commerce website and you are confused between the best choices in the market, then today is the day you’ll finally get the answer to the popular question, which one is better Shopify or Woocommerce?

Prices & Commissions

The best way to choose your platform is to check the budget you have before finalizing your choice. Both the platforms are best in their own manner but if you want a platform that gives you affordable services then you can choose WooCommerce because it has a free plugin whereas Shopify has a payment system, although quite low-cost. If you are looking to test the e-commerce platform, then you can use Shopify because it offers a 14-day free trial without any credit card details but Woocommerce does not have any trial version of its software. Furthermore, Woocommerce does not have any Sales Commission whereas Shopify has a commission ranging from 0.5% to 2%.

Please Note: There are several plugins for an e-commerce website which would add more efficiency to your platform without having you work on your website from scratch which is both a lengthy and pricey process. Like packers and movers make your shifting easier, the e-commerce plugin makes building a website easier and more affordable. If you decide to build a website from scratch, you’ll require to hire a complete team of individual graphic designers, content writers, website developers, application developers, etc which would cost you a fortune but would not guarantee a foolproof execution.


For anyone who is a new bee in the world of e-commerce and does not want to pay money to the website designers, Shopify must be your choice because it is easy to install and launch whereas you require to have some basic developer knowledge to build a website on WooCommerce.

Other than this, Shopify has many free as well as paid themes for the users but WooCommerce offers unlimited themes to the users.

The basic point of difference between these two platforms is how easy it is to install. So, I usually suggest people with zero e-commerce experience use Shopify for the beginning as it is easy to get started with. Without having any developing experience, you can easily build your site with Shopify, however, a little experience is required for making a website on WooCommerce.

Mobile Version Availability & Other Features

There are many features in both platforms that you would require to have; simply both platforms have several similar features, the difference is just in the availability of free and paid versions. While Shopify offers a mobile version of all its themes, WooCommerce offers a mobile version based on the theme you choose.

So if you are looking to have wide mobile options, Shopify is your drill and if not, you can choose either. Other than this, the storage space is also a point of concern. Because in Shopify while you get unlimited storage, in WooCommerce, the storage is totally dependent on the server size.

Help and support are also the points of difference when choosing between these two e-commerce plugins. In Shopify, you can get help & support via phone, chat, email, documentation, and forum. Where as WooCommerce has quite an active community through blogs and forums along with varying support based on plugin editors and themes.


Choosing between these two high-tech plugins is indeed a tough choice, however, the final choice depends upon your own idea, business requirement and budget before anything else. Make a list of all your requirements and budget before finalizing or initiating the website-building process so that you can ensure a greater ROI for your business.

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