A novel advancement is the Rich Smile Project

The digital smile Design project is a novel advancement in the dental sector in which engineering principles, aesthetic creativity, and the skills of a dentist result in a successful outcome and client satisfaction.

Unlike current techniques, it creates a virtual setup of a smile before the actual dental procedures. As the saying goes, “a smile is a curve that can set everything straight.” A dental smile design creates cutting-edge practical and digital tools to aid dental procedures. This project allows for greater accuracy in achieving the dentist’s objectives. It starts with the mandatory collection of foundational data, such as patient faces, smiles, gingival contours, and dental sequences.

This is accomplished through the use of complex intraoral scans, high-resolution videos, and photos. The next step is to design the virtual smile project using the baseline data that was previously collected. In this step, the designer uses special software to create a virtual two-dimensional design of the patient’s smile. It is then sent to laboratories to be converted into a three-dimensional model before being delivered to the dentist.

This model is used by the dentist on his patients to achieve a smile before the procedures are performed. The primary benefits of this project are that it manages the client’s expectations and aligns them with the dentist’s visions. This virtual project helps to blur the line between dental treatment fantasy and reality. The anticipated outcomes are visualized, allowing the client to better improvise and communicate.

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