Everything You Need to Know about Mansard Loft Conversion

mansard loft conversion

One of the major things that people complain about when living in a house is the lack of space. When you start a family, there are only two people. But gradually, the family increases. As a result, you need more space for accommodation. In such a situation, most people consider getting a new house. Now, is it possible to get a new house all of a sudden? Well, all people do not have the affordability to purchase a new house despite having one. Besides, it is a time-taking and tedious as well. 

When you have a tight budget and want to get more space for better living, the best option that you have at hand is the mansard loft conversion in London. Not many of you have heard about a loft conversion. So, we have come up with a blog on the same. Before you get a loft conversion in your living space, it is essential to figure out everything that you need to know about a mansard loft conversion. 

Not only is mansard loft conversion an affordable option, but also has the uniqueness that makes the building look impressive. You certainly want to make your house more welcoming and cosier. in that case, the mansard loft conversion is an ideal choice for you. If you want to know more about the mansard loft conversion, read the blog till the end. 

What is a Mansard Loft Conversion? 

Have you ever come across a house that has an extension over the rooftop? If you have seen something like this, then you have already witnessed a mansard loft conversion. Generally, the mansard loft conversions are available at the back side of the properties. The architects consciously take this decision to place a loft conversion at the back due to the look of the property. You certainly do not want to affect the look of your house. In that case, constructing a mansard loft at the back of the property can be a wise decision. 

When you have a mansard loft conversion at the back of your property, automatically, it changes the inclining rooftop side into a vertical structure. If you want to know about the measurements, the inclination degree can be somewhat like 72 degrees more or less. However, before getting into more details about the mansard loft conversion in London, it is essential to tread back a bit into its history. 

The mansard loft conversion got its name from the French architect, Francois Mansart. During the 17th century, he was the first one to promote this type of roofing style in France. He thought that the kind of richness and luxury these roofing styles add to a property can give it a vintage look. Since these conversions make the property look like they have an additional store, people these days are relying more on loft conversions. Such kind of lofts consists of a flat central roof with a rear wall that has a 72-degree slope. 

What are the Benefits of Mansard Loft Conversion?

You must be wondering why we are suggesting you opt for a mansard loft conversion instead of anything else. Indeed, there are some benefits of constructing a mansard loft conversion over other loft conversions. The advantages of mansard loft conversion are pointed out below: 

Mansard loft conversion gives you the ultimate space that you are looking for in your house. 

With mansard loft conversion, you can give access to a lot of light inside the room. This happens primarily because of the presence of the dormer windows in the loft. 

The straight walls of the mansard loft conversion make it easy for you to decorate the room according to your choice.  

The construction of the mansard loft conversion appears to look like an extra storey added to the property. 

The versatility of the mansard loft conversion makes it easier for you to build them according to your preference. 

Considerations for a Mansard Loft Conversion 

When you are planning to get a mansard loft conversion in your house, there are some considerations that you need to follow. Given below is the list of factors for constructing a mansard loft conversion: 

When you are planning to go for a mansard loft conversion in your house, make sure to get permission for it. Otherwise, you can get caught in legal trouble. The purpose of taking permission is to ensure that you inform the authority of your locality about the change in your building. This prevents you from getting into any unnecessary legal issues. 

Before you create a mansard loft conversion, it is essential to figure out if your property is suitable for it. Generally, you will come across a lot of mansard lofts in London and similar urban areas. If your property has a terrace sturdy enough to carry the weight of a mansard loft, you can go ahead with the planning. 

Of all the factors, the building regulations are the most vital when planning to develop a mansard loft. Whatever be the kind of loft conversion construction you go ahead with, make sure to comply with the standards of the building regulations. Consult with and inform the Local Authority Building Control about each and every step you take for the loft conversion. Make sure all the rules and regulations are approved by them. These are the categories for which you need approval from the Local Authority Building Control – insulation, headroom, fire safety, stairs, electrical, structural and soundproofing. 

Besides a basic conversion, we suggest making some more plans for an extra conversion for obvious reasons. Often, it happens that you feel the need for some other construction when the mansard loft conversion construction is already going on. If you have something of this sort in mind, convey it to the architect immediately. Also, be prepared for the additional expense and time it will take. Make sure to clarify all your doubts before laying hands on the mansard loft conversion. 


Therefore, a mansard loft conversion can be beneficial to you. The kind of extra space these loft conversions add without causing a burn in your pockets makes them an ideal choice. So, if you have a tight budget, you can go ahead with the mansard loft conversions. Read on:- https://worldundrone.com/.

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