Inevitable Facts About Electric Shaving

Electric Shaving

Considering a shaving tool and a shaving regime largely depends on personal style and preference. However, if you want a better, fast, and safe head shave, we would recommend you to use an electric head shaver.

From normal to sensitive scalp, it works wonders for all. Especially, the multiple functions and benefits are the primary reasons for such immense worldwide popularity of electric head shavers.

Moving further, here are some of the undeniable facts about electric shaving that will help you understand why men love using powered shavers these days.

#1. No More Shaving Hustles

If you are a regular user of traditional razors, you must be aware of the shaving hustles associated with them. Pre-shaving preparation has become an old notion since the time electric head shavers are introduced into the market. It’s really fast and easy to use a powered head shaver.

Unlike traditional razors that involve a time-consuming grooming routine, electric shavers are go-to shaving tools that can be used without wetting your hair, applying shaving cream, or following an aftercare regime. 

#2. No more Additional Shaving Expenses

Although electric shavers are on the expensive side when compared to traditional shavers, it saves money in the long run. Want to know how? Well, using an electric head shaver allows you to save a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on shaving cream, shaving brush, replaceable blades, aftercare lotion, etc.

In addition, electric shavers last for several years, of course, if maintained properly; but, traditional razors don’t. The blades require replacements after a few shaves and this adds up to the shaving expenses. So, if you want to save money on your grooming expenses, consider purchasing the best head shaver from a reputed brand.

#3. No more Cuts or Burns

Want a close shave, that too without any nicks, cuts, or abrasions? An electric shaver should be your ideal pick. This widely trending shaving tool can provide a much closer shaver than what a traditional razor delivers without hurting or irritating your scalp.

Powered head shavers feature a foil and this foil acts as a barrier between the blade and the scalp, preventing any direct contact between the two. When there’s no direct contact, there’s no risk of getting nicks, cuts, or irritation on the scalp.

#4. No More Shaving Discomfort

Most men step back while purchasing an electric head shaver as they believe traditional razors are more efficient in providing a smooth and close shave. However, that’s not true! In fact, you need to know the right ways to shave your head with an electric shaver. Powered shavers come in two forms – foil and rotary shaver.

While foil shaver caters to the needs of shaving flat surfaces on your scalp, rotary shavers are to be used on those parts of the scalp that are normally hard to reach. Using these shavers correctly can give you the closest and smoothest shave possible, that too, without nicks, cuts, or any discomfort.

#5. No More Frequent Replacements

Although we have already discussed this fact, still it’s worth repeating: electric shavers come with an extended shelf life. While traditional razors demand blade replacements after almost every month or less, you can continue using your electric shaver for several years without worrying about its blades and overall performance.

The best head shaver from a reliable and trusted brand can last a minimum of 5 to 7 years. Thus, once you invest in a powered shaver, you can relax about your grooming necessities for the next few years. At the most, you might have to simply replace the cutting head once a year, depending on the manufacturer.

#6. No More Portability Issues

When it comes to using a manual razor, there are a lot of additional tools that you need to carry alongside. In fact, you need to carry a complete shaving package comprising a manual razor, a shaving brush, shaving cream or gel, and aftershave lotion or oil. Apart from that, it also imposes limitations on its use. You can only shave in the shower or by a sink.

All the above-mentioned portability issues become null and void when you use an electric shaver. You can carry a corded or cordless electric shaver anywhere you travel. However, make sure to have an electrical outlet near you for using the corded one. The shaving tool alone is enough to fulfill all your shaving needs conveniently.


Now that you have read the entire blog, you know the value of electric shaving. However, these are not the only positives of using a powered head shaver; there are many more on the list. If you want to explore all of them, consider using an electric shaver for your next shave and see the wonders yourself!

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