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In 2022, mobile phone purchases will already surpass those of desktops. So, it’s no surprise that you need to fit into these small screens to lead conversion today. A good user experience is a key to keeping your audience engaged with your app. Your app has a significant impact on the user’s decision about whether to proceed further with their purchase or not. If they don’t find it suitable, they will consider your application as any other service you provide. A bad perception is created in their minds. As much as the product, the app needs to deliver on people’s expectations. 

Mobile app development services have the knowledge and expertise to make an engaging app. That keeps your audience intact and attracts more new users. Everyone wants value for money, a good product, and a good experience, so if you fail to deliver this, here are the things you might need to improve. 

Master Infotech brings you the best mobile app development services and ensures that you and your audience are inseparable.

Here are some things that need improvement if your app needs to give you the desired outcomes.

Simplicity has more weight

Keep your design simple. When a user visits a site, he has goals set in his mind. If he found obstacles or distractions midway, he might get frustrated. As a result, you lose a potential customer. 

Don’t confuse your users; keep things simple and easy to use. There is no need to add unnecessary functions or features. Top mobile marketing agency Mohali knows what you are looking for. A good, engaging app from Master Infotech has you covered. With their top-class developers, they can bring your ideal app to reality. 

Keep Your Designs Consistent

Provide your users with a sense of familiarity. It doesn’t matter when they use your application, but they should feel like they are using the same app. They make them connect with your brand emotionally, so it’s essential to give them reasons to remember you.

Keep your navigation simple and consistent; as users, it will be easier for them to get familiar with it. Consistency forms an image in the customer’s mind about you, which makes it easier for them to choose you amongst your competitors. 

Be Concise 

Remember this: You need to fit in a mobile phone, and it’s not as big as a desktop screen. It often becomes very hard for customers to view information as it differs from a desktop screen. Keep things straightforward. You don’t need to put everything on the first screen. Present the essential information to your users and let them discover other features. 

Minimize the Application Size

Storage is one problem that many Android users face. Why will people download a huge app if they can just use your site? For your app to take place among other apps on a user’s phone. It needs to be of minimal size. The less space your app consumes, the more likely you will make it onto your users’ phones.

Flawless Functionality 

Mobile app development services should ensure that the app is working properly and can accomplish the tasks desired by the user. For example, if a user places an order and makes the payment, but the app crashes, it creates a bad image of you in the customer’s mind. It tarnished the user experience. 

Make sure you run tests regularly to check whether your app is functioning well. What changes are required to be made? Ensure that every element of your app functions smoothly during the testing phase. It would help you tackle problems that might arise.

A Good UI

Make sure your user interface is good. UX and UI are two faces of the same coin. Providing an appealing, engaging, and intuitive user interface will automatically generate a good user experience. Providing a quality user interface eventually leads to a good user experience. 

Make sure your interface conveys the feelings and emotions you want your users to know. Keep your font and typography consistent. Use a similar color palette. Make sure you maintain uniformity throughout. The fonts and colors should represent the vibe of your brand. 

Use Animations 

As mentioned previously, an exemplary user interface eventually leads to a good user experience. Mobile app development services use animated transitions when users perform any action or scroll through pages. 

It helps to make the shift look more precise and smooth. But make sure you don’t use too many animations. Avoid using them unnecessarily; use them only where they’re needed. 

Using CDNs for Faster

A content delivery network, or CDN, is one of the most effective ways of improving a mobile app’s performance.

A content delivery network, or CDN, is a network of servers based in different locations. APIs help a mobile app interact with or collect data from any other application. When your app’s API sends a GET request from a mobile application, it derives the content from the nearest server possible, reducing the path for transferring information and improving a mobile app’s efficiency. 

Using CDNs for data transfer from one API to another makes this process faster and more feasible. Thus increasing the performance of your app.

Reduce App Loading Time 

How much time does your app take to open? Or how long does it take to switch between screens? Check these things out. Loading time plays a vital role in a good user experience. A good app has a very low loading time. 

Users expect an app to open up as soon as they click on it. They expect a very low load time, which is why reducing the loading time is one of the goals of mobile app development services. Here are a few methods in which you can’t delay your apps: 

  • Using CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) is one of the most efficient ways to reduce load timing and improve app performance. 
  • Lightweight apps have a very high loading speed as compared to heavy apps. So make sure you minimize the app size as much as possible. 
  • Remove the dead code from the codebase. It makes the app run faster.

Keep on Improving

There’s always room for improvement. Keep running tests and making your app more user-friendly. Every time your app gets even better, make sure you don’t stop here. Take feedback from remote users. 

Users who have used your application know what troubles them. Ask them what can be improved and how they feel while using your app. The mobile app development services can fix any bugs and tweaks. Remember that your audience will use this app; make it as they would. 


Try to create an app that can keep your users hooked. They spend time on it and visit it again and again. Make sure to keep in mind that this app should fulfill your users’ goals. Keep yourself in their shoes while developing a mobile app. Take your business a step ahead and have your mobile app. It’s always possible; start planning today! If you still haven’t started, Master Infotech can help you.

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