How to Select the Best B2B eCommerce Platform?

B2B eCommerce Platform

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur looking to start your own B2B eCommerce platform, you would need clarification about choosing the best B2B eCommerce solution.

As there are multiple popular B2B eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and Salesforce, it becomes hard to choose the right eCommerce platform for your business.

That’s why we have written this blog to help you find the best B2B eCommerce platform as per your business requirements. As a leading enterprise software solutions providing company, we help businesses to create successful B2B eCommerce solutions. 

So, by reading this blog, you get clear which is your best B2B eCommerce as per your unique needs. Let’s get started.

Which are the Popular B2B eCommerce Platforms?

There are 5 most popular B2B eCommerce platforms available in the market. We have list-down all the popular platforms. Let’s learn about each platform one by one.

1. Magento: The Best B2B eCommerce Platform

According to ForresterWave, Magento is the best B2B eCommerce platform. Magento provides the best functionalities and features to create personalized B2B eCommerce solutions. It helps to create a tailored and seamless user experience providing eCommerce solutions for your business.

A few of the top brands that use Magento eCommerce are Liverpool, Nike, Vizio, and Landrover. The Magento platform provides all the essential features to create complex and challenging websites that help businesses achieve success. Features, such as extensive native B2B functionality, offer personalized buying experiences, easy to integrate with backend systems, multi-selling, single platform for B2B and B2C, bulk ordering, and allows you multi-channel selling.

In short, we can say that Magneto is one of the best B2B eCommerce for your business.

2. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

This eCommerce platform is also one the best to create B2B eCommerce websites or web solutions. Salesforce eCommerce platform provides optimizes the user experience and helps you to earn more revenue for your business. With this platform, it becomes easy to scale and innovate your B2B eCommerce solution.

Some of the top brands using this eCommerce platform are Carrier, OvationMedical, Trimble, Kellogg’s, Panasonic, and L’oreal. Because of the extensive functionalities provided by Salesforce eCommerce Cloud, you are able to increase productivity and maximize the profit of your overall business. Advanced features include automated ordering with AI, direct-to-consumer channel management, and multiple payment options.

3. Shopify

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Shopify is the most popular platform to create different eCommerce businesses online. It is serving 170+ countries around the world. A few of the top customers of Shopify are Decathlon, Gymshark, Red Bull, PepsiCo, and Whole Food Markets.

Shopify serves startup businesses to enterprise-level businesses. A few of the features like manage inventory, tracking payment, viewing real-time business data, streamlining returns, and order management. It makes it easy for you to manage your eCommerce business without facing any struggles.

4. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a modern eCommerce SaaS solution that helps you to find powerful and scalable eCommerce solutions for your business. It offers you flexibility, scalability, speed, and integrations that help you to create reliable eCommerce web-based solutions for your business. BigCommerce is a one-stop-solution for your all needs that includes B2B, Headless, Multi-store, Omnichannel, Wholesale, International, and commerce as a service option.

Bloomreach, Aloglia, dotdigital, fluentcommerce, Vercel, and deckcommerce, are a few of the top companies that are using BigCommerce for their business websites and web solutions.

Now that you know about the top eCommerce platform to choose from, let’s learn about the top features to include in your custom eCommerce website development.

What Functionalities Should a B2B eCommerce Solution Have?

To build a successful B2B eCommerce platform, your chosen platform should have these functionalities.

1. Design Flexibility

A B2B eCommerce platform should offer design flexibility that helps you create a mobile-optimized seamless user experience providing a B2B eCommerce store. For example, Magento provides you with all the functionalities that help you to create a responsive and intuitive design for your eCommerce store. It even offers you the functionality to create mobile responsive web solutions for your eCommerce business. So, users are easily able to use for shopping online without facing any problems.

2. Payment Gateway Integration

You should be able to collect payments from your costumes securely and easily. Your selected B2B eCommerce platform should allow you to collect recurring payments, accept multiple resources, and gets integrate with tools like Google Pay.

A few top integrations Magento allows are as follows:

  • PayPal
  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • Amazon Pay
  • 2Checkout

You can use these payment gateways in Magento. Magneto makes it easy to integrate payment gateways and makes it easy to manage payments and refunds seamlessly.

3. User Experience

In your B2B eCommerce platform, user experience is the utmost thing to consider. Providing a beautiful and intuitive user experience in your eCommerce solution. If your potential customers make it difficult to use your enterprise eCommerce software, then they will give up. On top of that, search engines consider user experience one of the core factors when it comes to determining rankings. So, what are the factors to consider for an excellent user experience?

  • Speed of Your Website
  • Streamlined Checkout  Experience
  • Mobile-friendly Design
  • Content Organization
  • Search Functionality
  • Marketing Tools

To make your eCommerce website, you need marketing tools. Marketing tools that help you to up-rank your B2B eCommerce brand on the top of search engines. So, you are able to reach more prospects and find more clients to generate sales. Here are the tools that you need to market your B2B eCommerce solution.

  • CRM Integrations
  • Support Forums and Ticketing Systems
  • Content Management
  • Analytics Tools
  • Marketing Tools

So this is all about functionalities to consider in your Magento B2B eCommerce platform.


In this blog, we have described all the essential information about choosing the right B2B eCommerce platform. Whether you want to create a B2B eCommerce company or start out, Magento offers you all the tools and functionalities. In addition, it is an open-source solution, which means, it will cost you less compared to other B2B eCommerce solutions. If you are looking to create a B2B eCommerce solution, MobiCommerce has experience in creating robust and flexible solutions according to your business requirements.

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