How to Collect from Amazon Hub Counter?

Amazon Hub Counter

Amazon Hub Counters are a convenient option for picking up your Amazon packages in person, especially if you live near a participating retail location. Here’s how to collect your package from an Amazon Hub Counter:

Choose a Participating Location

When checking out on Amazon, select Amazon Hub Counter as your delivery option and choose a participating retail location near you.

Wait for Confirmation

You’ll receive an email or text message from Amazon when your package has been delivered to the Hub Counter and is ready for pickup. This can take up to two days from the date of delivery.

Bring ID and Pickup Code

Go to the selected Hub Counter location during business hours with your government-issued photo ID and the pickup code provided in your Amazon delivery confirmation email or text message.

Locate the Hub Counter

Look for the Amazon-branded locker or kiosk inside the participating store. If you have trouble finding it, ask a store associate for help.

Scan the code

Follow the instructions on the screen to scan the barcode on your smartphone or enter the pickup code manually.

Collect Your Package

The locker or kiosk will unlock, and you can retrieve your package.

Confirm Pickup

Once you’ve collected your package, the locker or kiosk will automatically confirm your pickup with Amazon, so there’s no need to take any further action.

It’s important to note that Amazon Hub Counters have size and weight limitations, so make sure your package meets the criteria before selecting this delivery option. Also, keep in mind that not all Amazon products are eligible for Hub Counter pickup, so double-check before selecting this delivery option at checkout.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Amazon Hub Counters have some important benefits over traditional home delivery. For one, packages are delivered directly to a secure, staffed location, which can help reduce the risk of package theft. Additionally, Hub Counters offer extended pickup hours, making it easier to fit package collection into your busy schedule. Finally, Hub Counters offer a human touch to the delivery process, with friendly staff on hand to help you collect your package and answer any questions you may have.

One thing to keep in mind when using an Amazon Hub Counter is that you will have a limited window of time to collect your package once it has been delivered. Amazon typically holds packages at the Hub Counter for 14 days after delivery, so make sure to collect your package before this window expires. If you’re unable to collect your package within this timeframe, it will be returned to Amazon and you may be subject to additional shipping fees if you choose to have it redelivered.


In conclusion, Amazon Hub Counters are a great option for those who want to collect their Amazon packages in person from a convenient, secure location. By following the steps outlined above and keeping the important details in mind, you can easily and efficiently collect your packages from an Amazon Hub Counter, saving time and avoiding the potential headaches that can come with traditional home delivery.

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