How to Build a Client Portal in a WordPress Business Site

Client Portal

Do you want to create a WordPress service provider customer portal in WordPress? Customer news is a special area where guests can sign in and print documents, lines, support, and more. wordpress service provider In this blog, we will show you how to create a smooth customer portal in WordPress.

Why Create a Customer Portal on a WordPress Business Site?

Customer news makes it easy to manage customer finances online. This can reduce the number of support requests you receive, allow visitors to help themselves, and provide a better masonry experience.

For example, if you run a photography website and you can create a dashboard where visitors can upload and download images. custom wordpress website development services Also, if you run a graphic design or web design business, you can also create a client portal where visitors can download all the tiles you have created for you.

Without a customer gateway, clients must contact you directly and wait for a response. This is time-consuming and frustrating for you and your customers. With that said, let’s see how to reduce your workload and make your visitors happy by creating a customer portal in WordPress.

How to Build a Consumer Portal in a WordPress Business Sites

Every business needs different properties for its customer portal, so you need results that are flexible, customizable, and that work well with other plugins.

For this friend, we will use Members of the Press.

The WordPress category plugin is great in the app and allows you to seamlessly create a members-only section for your visitors. bespoke wordpress development Press Members also have important display rules to generate exclusive posts, pages, and other content for your guests.

First, you need to install and flash the Member Press plugin. For more details, read our guide on how to install WordPress plugins for bussiness sites.

After activation, open it and go to Press Members» Settings and enter your license key. You will find this information in your account on the Press Member website. wordpress service provider It’s in the mailer you receive when you purchase a Press Member. After entering the key, click on ‘spark License Key. ‘

Next, you need to add at least one payment gateway to accept credit card payments correctly on your customer gateway. Members of the Press support PayPal and Stripe. wordpress service provider However, you can also receive payments using Authorize, when you purchase MemberPress To add a payment plan, go to the ‘Payment’ tab and click ‘Add payment plan. ‘

You can now select your payment system from the ‘Gateway’ dropdown.

Press members will also be presented with all the settings that need to be configured before using this payment gateway. custom wordpress development services To illustrate, in the image below, we added PayPal payments to WordPress.

After choosing a gateway, you will need to enter some information to set up your account. When click save you change the update options button.

You can add multiple payment methods to your merchant gateway by following the same process as above. After adding one or more payment styles, you’re ready to schedule your class. To get started, go to Members Press» Membership Runner and click the Add New button.

On the next screen, you can set the title of the class area and set the price. However, you can also leave the ‘Price’ field at ‘ 0 If you plan to add guests manually. custom wordpress development company. However, if you want to become a plutocrat by dealing with customer portal subscriptions, you can manage the price.

Next, use the ‘Payment Type’ drop-down to generate a payment cycle, for example, you can charge visitors a one-time price for continued access or set up a recurring annual subscription. Next, you need to create access rules. This allows you to create a custom, customer-only area for your WordPress website.

Just go to Press runner Members » Rules and click the ‘Add New’ button. On the next screen, you need to select the content you want to view first.

The ‘Protected Content’ section offers a variety of options. To begin with, you can block access to certain pages and posts, although this can be time-consuming if you have a lot of content.

Another option is to block access to all children running from a specific parent. wordpress website development services To illustrate, you can create a parent runner called ‘Customer Portal’ and restrict access to all child pages.

Also, you can block access to all posts in a specific order or label. Below, you can specify who can access this content by opening the ‘Access Terms’ drop-down and selecting ‘Class. ‘

In the other drop-down menu, select the location of the class you created earlier. If you like the way you set up your access rules, click the Save Rules button to save your settings. wordpress design and development services You can generate a fun rule of thumb by following the same process as above.


We hope you like this blog. WordPress service provider These are all about how to Build a Client Portal in a WordPress business site. If you looking for web development services and want to create a client portal on your site then contact 8therate.

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