High Tech and Style: How to Blend Smart Home Devices with Décor


A home with smart appliances is a blessing for every household. Savvy households are looking to update their homes with the latest smart technology. This shift to the high-tech interior has made home designers incorporate smart home technology in their interior décor projects.

However, integrating tech into your existing home décor is an uphill battle, especially if you have a rustic style. Some tech gadgets come with a sleeker and more modern look that may provide you with requisite convenience but cannot fit into your home décor.

However, you can blend luxury and convenience with careful planning and an eye to understand the aesthetics of your home. Here we have put together a few ideas that have exceptional potential to blend your interior aesthetics with technology.

· Create a Home Office Design

This is a great way to create harmony between your interior décor and smart home technology. Create a home office in any part of your home and stock it up with full of tech gadgets.

Invest in tech gadgets that run over Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for long chords and extension buttons. Such techs need a Bluetooth connection to sync and voice commands to operate them. This way, you can remotely connect your laptop, mobile phone, mouse, keyboard, speakers, lightening, and more

You can invest in other smart home technologies, such as smart plugs that offer simple pathways to charge all your gadgets. Moreover, you can design an efficient charging station in your home office design to reduce the ugly clutter.

While looking for ways to mold your appliances into the home interior, do not compromise their safety. A single bare cable or a leaking pipe can take away thousands of lives. Therefore, upgrade your cp12 certificate and enjoy your life to the fullest.

· Invest in a Universal Remote

 Every household must be familiar with the hassle of finding the right remote. Plus, keeping every remote handy might force you to compromise your home aesthetics. By 2025, there would be 481.9 million smart homes throughout the world.

Imagine wasting a big chunk of your day finding the right remote for your device. However, technology has blessed us with many convenient and smart options, such as a universal remote.

Universal remote works on your television, lighting, security system, multimedia, cooling, heating, and so on. Besides giving the convenience of operating the lights or temperature remotely, it helps you eliminate the need to buy multiple remotes, hence saving money.

· Get Wires Out of Sight

With everything going wireless, such as a wireless security system, smart lighting, etc., you may not have to bother about unappealing cords. However, some appliances still missing a wireless version, so you have no choice over them.

Long cluttered wires will disrupt your interior décor, but you can magically eliminate them. Cover the wires behind your couch crown to save your interior décor. Moreover, furniture manufacturers today create hollow baseboards keeping cables in mind. So, invest in smart furniture to spruce up your place.

You can camouflage your cords by painting them with colors matching the floor or baseboard. There are immense ways to hide these ugly cords without going wireless.

· Go for Custom Solutions

Your home technology will be in your hands if you opt for custom solutions. A bespoke design will let you enjoy everything to your taste. For instance, you can install the speakers on the wall or floor instead of placing them on shelves.

Gone are the days of decorating your living room around the TV screen as a focal point. The constant look of TV screens glaring at you no longer appeals to homeowners. People prefer hiding their TV screens using various ways, such as

  • Swivelling screens to adjust to your needs.
  • Screens mounted on the floor or ceiling.
  • TV screen disguised as a painting until you turn it on.

In this tech-oriented world, you do not need to switch on the appliances alone. Use the voice to command the smart assistant to display the screen when needed.

· Coordinate the Colors

Making color coordination is a smart idea to blend technology into your home interior. Smart appliances come in different sizes, textures, and hues. You can complement your devices with your interior design to satiate your aesthetics.

For instance, you can match the doorbell with the color of your door or just the door knob. Along the same line, you can invest in speakers that trim the color of your ceiling or walls.

· Find the Balance

Could not find a gadget with colors that complement your scheme? Don’t worry. There is another option to make a successful blend, which is finding the right balance between your interior and technology.

Make a balance between cold and warm or bright and dull to get a wholesome look. For instance, a cold metal gadget can be on a warm wood table. Similarly, you can mask your devices to elude their presence. Security cameras in the shape of toys, lamps, tissue boxes, potted plants, etc., can effectively blend your interior.

· Prefer Statement Devices

With the innovations in smart technology, home appliances are not only functional but also look stylish. They can easily be mounted on your walls or ceiling. 

One example is a pop-out wall outlet that you can quickly tuck away after use. Wall or ceiling-mounted television we mentioned already is another great reason to opt for such statement devices. 

Final Thoughts

Technology is an integral part of every household. While adding appliances to your home, the idea of a perfect décor takes a backstage. However, the clever ideas mentioned above will go a long way.

The best in your interest is to go wireless. If the wireless option is not handy, try to mask the devices through the color chemistry or the right balance. Moreover, invest in the statement appliances, such as mounted TV screens, pop-up switchboards, or in-ceiling speakers. With careful consideration, you won’t have to compromise on aesthetics to embrace smart home technology.

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