How Call Centers Are Helping the Quick Service Restaurant Industry?

Benefits of BPO services in the Restaurant Industry

Online food delivery services are more popular than ever before. Ever since the COVID’19 pandemic, online food ordering has helped restaurants to keep up their businesses. A study suggests that global online food delivery services will rise to 20% by the year 2030. This means that the annual online delivery sales will go from $35 billion to $365 billion.

Call centers play an important role in every industry. Many restaurant chains are outsourcing their customer service tasks to third-party vendors. They are doing so to save money or improve their performance in the online market. Today, people are more interested in having their food delivered to their homes, rather than sitting and eating in a restaurant. They are willing to spend more money on delivery services than dining in.

Why Are Restaurant Call Centers Gaining Popularity?

Research shows that 73% of the overall population is ordering food online at least once a week. Similarly, 90% of parents are using online delivery services to order food at least once a week. The statistics are clearly depicting the future growth of restaurant call center businesses. Also, people with busy schedules are looking for reliable, quick, and convenient ways to get food. Bloomberg reports that the demand for delivery riders has tripled as compared to the past years. Having easy access to restaurant-prepared meals delivered to your home has escalated the growth of mobile food delivery apps. 

Benefits of BPO Services in the Restaurant Industry:

As discussed earlier, food delivery services are rapidly increasing and generating more revenues in the restaurant industry. Hence, restaurant owners are hiring BPO companies to provide call center services on behalf of their restaurants. Let us discuss the advantages of hiring a BPO company for your restaurant’s order-taking services.

It Can Save Costs:

This is one of the best benefits associated with outsourcing your customer service needs. If you wish to hire in-house customer service agents, you’ll have to spend a large amount of money on the recruitment and training process. Plus, you’ll require extra workspace to cater to those customer service employees. Hence, outsourcing these services to a third-party company can help you save all such costs. The whole scenario is automatically transferred to that company, and they are responsible for providing competent customer services to your clients.

Upsell Experience:

The employees of a BPO company are highly trained professionals. They have years of experience in dealing with customers and providing the best customer experience. They note down the orders of customers with full precision so they don’t miss out on even the smallest of details. They are familiar with some of the most amazing conversational techniques that enhance the up-selling strategy. If you’re also looking for experienced and skilled customer agents, then look no further than Kanekt 365.

Phone Calls Are Still Preferred More:

Restaurants and BPO companies aim to provide different channels as means of communicating. Every other person has their way of ordering food through online channels or phone calls. But a recent survey reveals that about 90% of the overall population still prefers to use the phone for ordering their favorite food. It is probably so because they do not want the restaurant workers to mess up their orders. Also, they can explain their order much better in detail when they call using their phones.

Providing 24/7 Services:

BPO companies tend to provide flexible working options to their employees. Hence, the business they are associated with can also adopt flexibility. So, BPO companies can provide services to restaurant customers 24/7 daily. Although it depends on the restaurant if they are operating all day throughout the week. This can help increase sales further and fulfill the customer’s midnight, evening, and early morning cravings.

Challenges Faced By the Restaurant Delivery Businesses:

The complex logistics of food delivery combined with the customers’ expectations make it difficult for businesses to be competitive. Maintaining a regular staff responsible for delivering a large number of orders can create a barrier to scaling the business. Balancing the delivery costs along with other associated costs is also a big challenge for many restaurant owners.

Within the restaurant delivery business, three stakeholders are associated – consumers, the restaurant, and the delivery staff. The balancing act between the three stakeholders plays a major role in your restaurant business. Once the customer places an order, the customer service providers are responsible for the consumer experience. The restaurant is responsible for receiving the order request and delivering it on time with a friendly delivery service.

The quick-service restaurant industry is evolving in a fast-paced world. Restaurant food consumptions and its market have grown rapidly through the years. It is not easy to tackle the growing demand of customers. Kanekt 365 provides you with the best fast-service restaurant services to meet the challenges of this ever-changing industry. Visit our website for more information.

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