How to Handle and Care for 8 Month old baby?

Baby Skin Care Tips

The baby is always better able to move around on its own, either rolling, crawling, or already crawling, and may even pull itself up to stand.

It explores its environment with enthusiasm but also has to struggle with insecurities and separation fears.

Baby’s Development at 8 Month

The baby now especially loves the company of familiar people. It wants to be part of everything that is going on around it, even if it is just by observing, according to sexpally mag.

To always have the baby close by, for example when cooking, parents tend to put them in the baby seat or seesaw in the kitchen.

But that is wrong. What the baby now needs is freedom of movement, preferably on a large playmat.

The little person would now like to practice the movements they have already learned over and over again.

In the process, the important muscles are strengthened, which are important for the subsequent movement processes such as crawling or running with advancing age.

Some babies can sit independently or even pull themselves up on furniture to stand for the first time.

They are thrilled when other people make noises and notice that they too can make a lot of noise.

Toys are knocked on the floor or thrown and there is loud crowing for all that is worth.

By the time the baby listens to music, they may be clapping their hands.

It is not uncommon for it to appear too hysterical in laughter or a shrine. But don’t worry, this is completely normal.

The fine motor skills of the hands are now so well developed that the baby can grab and pick up small objects such as crumbs or lint with his thumb and forefinger, healthpally.

They’re prone to infections

The nest protection has meanwhile decreased and the first infections can occur, especially in the cold season or when older siblings bring the pathogens with them from kindergarten or school.

Usually, it is a harmless runny nose or an infection of the gastrointestinal tract. Especially with severe diarrhea and vomiting, there is a risk that babies will dry out very quickly. If diarrhea persists, a doctor should be consulted.

The first accidents are also possible now if the baby pursues his urge to move, said chaktty.

Even if the apartment is childproof, the parents can not completely protect the little one from bad experiences such as dents and scratches.

The cat may not put up with the rough treatment of the baby and will fight back. Or the baby bumps its head the first time it tries to sit and stand.

Plasters, ointments, and ointments against impact injuries should therefore not be missing in any medicine cabinet.

Food Nutrition

After the baby has already received two porridge meals, another porridge can now be introduced in the afternoon.

This is a dairy-free cereal and fruit pulp. This porridge is mixed with easily soluble cereal flakes (for example rice flakes) and water as well as butter or margarine.

There is also a mild fruit puree or simply grated apple or mashed banana. Here you can vary the types of cereals and fruits so that the baby gets a little variety.

The prerequisite is, of course, that the baby can tolerate all types of grain and does not have an allergy to wheat, for example.

The more complimentary food the baby gets, the more important it is to offer additional fluids.

Tea, water, or diluted fruit juices should also be offered from the first complimentary food.

The baby is still breastfed or is given the bottle with his milk meals, but the entire fluid requirement can usually no longer be covered with it.

There are of course babies who refuse other drinks, especially those who are breastfeeding.

These babies get the fluids they need through their breast milk. So don’t worry, but always offer different drinks.

Oher things to take into consideration

The apartment with the baby cannot be safe enough. After sockets, stairs, stoves, and stoves have been hermetically sealed in the last few weeks, parents now have to remember that the little one will prefer to start putting things in and out.

This can be the saucepan in the kitchen, in which spoons, scrapers, and small plastic bowls are placed.

However, this also includes drawers or cupboards in which dangerous items such as cleaning agents or medication are located.

Potted plants and potting soil are also great toys for some babies, but in many cases, they are also poisonous.

Therefore, poisonous potted plants should be removed from the household entirely or placed out of the reach of the baby.

Medicines belong in a lockable medicine cabinet, cleaning supplies on the upper floors of a cupboard where the baby cannot reach them.

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