Half Wicked Steroids: What is it? Expert’s Answer


As we are well aware that today’s youth is more focused on maintaining a good physique for which they adopt different exercises and supplements also, making their body more fit, seems to be more pleasing for others to see.

In this article, we are going to talk about half-wicked steroids which are used by males and females to promote muscle gain.

Let’s dive into more information about half-wicked steroids –

Steroids can be synthetic forms of testosterone, a sex hormone naturally produced by both men and women. Consuming steroids increases testosterone and increases hormone levels, causing effects like -increased muscle mass and strength in the body.

It supports positive bone density and healthy libido.

“Half wicked steroids ” are majorly being popular for muscle building and also used by athletes to improve their performance. Half-wicked steroids are reliable in promoting the growth of muscles, and bone density, along with burning off excess body fat.

The major benefits of half-wicked steroids are described below –

  • Increases in muscle tissues
  • Decreases body fat percentage
  • Muscle strength and power
  • Also reliable in recovery from workouts
  • Improve bone density
  • Increased red blood cell production.

Half-wicked steroids are also used by the legs for the following benefits –

  • Improve speed and power output.

Sports, Athletics, and bodybuilding are newborn competitions these days. For they have to focus on everything from nutrition to bodybuilding.

This leads to the consumption (PEDs) of performance-enhancing drugs. By using half-wicked steroids, athletes experience strength gain of majorly 5-20 % which also leads to recovery and enhanced power output.

  • Increasing muscle mass and strength

The dosage of a good steroid is crucial where you have to do everything for your body. It leads to achieving cells, stem cells important in muscle developments, promoting muscle growth and protein synthesis. It also enhances tissue growth and strength, stimulating release of testosterone.

Nowadays everyone prioritizes nutritional intake, steroids, and exercises in order to enhance the activity record.

Steroids also trigger muscle protein synthesis. They will help you reduce fatigue, improve athletic performance for major sports activities and stronger muscles.

Despite potential benefits, steroids also possess some major side effects that should be seriously considered while consuming them-

  • Increases haemoglobin and hematocrit

Blood makers are crucial in oxygen delivery throughout the body. Increased levels of these can thicken your blood, which can further lead to heart attack and stroke.

  • Reducing HDL and raising LDL

HDL and LDL should be balanced properly. Lower HDL and higher LDL can risk you with many heart diseases.

  • Increasing liver markers

A separate transaminase ( AST) and alanine transaminase ( ALT ) are two markers of liver function. Increased levels may lead to liver dysfunction.

  • It can also cause male baldness problem

Excessive use of steroids can lead to baldness problems in men which look ugly. Any man who is maintaining his body should also consider balancing other major issues occurring in his body.

  • Mentally addictive

Though steroids do not seem to be physically addictive, they are associated with mental addiction. And addiction to anything leads to destruction.

Side effects in women

Along with men, women should be aware of the same –

  • Deepening voice
  • Hair growth increase
  • Enlarged clitoris
  • Lead to the irregular menstrual cycle
  • Reduce breast size
  • Infertility major issue

Steroids should be taken in a proper, balanced manner as they can be dangerous for various reasons –

High risk of infection, mental addiction, heart disease, liver failure, etc

It becomes crucial to consult your medical supporter or doctor about the dosage of the steroid. They can suggest suitable usage according to your body type. It is important to analyze the negative effects of anything you start, especially when it comes to your body. Like this article? Find more interesting and educating content on the AwareFast blog.

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