Before You Get a Keratin Treatment, Here Are The Facts


You know the struggle and time-consuming nature of styling frizz-prone hair if it is curly or wavy. Although we love texture and waves, when it becomes too difficult, a treatment with keratin is recommended. You can get salon services at home for a keratin treatment or go at some salon for making your hair smooth.

Keratin treatments are basically a way to break the hair’s bond and then rebuild and reform it with protein and a flatiron. Depending on the treatment, you will see less frizz or curl. Keratin treatments can be amazing for controlling hair and reducing drying time. This makes it much easier to “get ready”. Keratin treatments can also make your hair soft and healthier.

We view keratin treatments as less a vanity thing and more as a time-saving tool. This allows you to spend less time tinkering with your hair and more on the things that matter most. Enjoy your natural texture and wave, it’s just easier to manage. These are some things you know before you get a keratin treatment.

What Are The Benefits of a Keratin Treatment?

There are many types of protein treatments on the market today. You can add or substitute proteins to make your hair smoother, shinier, and healthier. They improve the elasticity and lubricity of the hair follicle through the stimulation of the protein matrix. This seals the cuticle and prevents transepidermal water loss. The most popular type of keratin treatment are all about smooth, manageable hair and a salon-worthy style. To fill in any porous areas, the hair is treated with keratin. A person with curly hair might end up with straight, polished hair

How Does It Work?

To remove any oil or product residue, hair must be thoroughly cleaned before treatment. After shampooing the hair, the keratin product will be applied to the ends and roots. After shampooing the hair, the stylist will dry it until it is dry to the touch. The stylist then blow-dry it. After a few passes with a flatiron, your hair will be straighter and smoother for three months.

Is a Keratin Hair Treatment Suitable for Everyone?

This type of treatment is not for everyone. Before you go to the salon, make sure to check if keratin is suitable for your hair. You can also get hair treatment at home. It doesn’t matter if your friend loves it. Most hairstylists recommend that hair with frizzy or curly textures be treated with keratin. Professionals say that fine or moderately straight hair should not be treated. The heat treatment and heavy proteins can cause hair to become brittle and may even make it look dreadful.

Go To a Pro

Your hairdresser’s experience will greatly affect the results of a Keratin treatment. Some women do their own keratin treatments. However, it is best to hire a professional for the best results. The process is not only tedious but can also cause damage to your hair. If done wrong, you may not achieve the desired results.

Formaldehyde Risks

Let’s start by addressing the formaldehyde risk, which is a concern for some brands. There is more formaldehyde found in the original products as well as many other keratin brands. It is not clear how much formaldehyde is released or whether it is a health risk. Although we aren’t experts or chemists on formaldehyde, it is important to research the brand and make sure you do your research before you get a treatment.

Ask Which Brand They Use

Different keratin treatments may not be the same. Ask the salon staff to tell you which brand of Keratin they use. There are many keratin treatments that can be used. Some treatments simply remove frizz while others leave curl. Some can completely remove curl. You should know the type of treatment that a salon uses so that you can choose the results you desire.

Color BEFORE Treatment

Before you apply keratin treatments to your hair, always color. After coloring your hair, the keratin treatment will be less effective or removed altogether.

Use Only Gentle Sulfate-free Products

It is essential to use sulfate free products after your treatment. Use of harsh shampoos and conditioners can strip the keratin treatment faster, so don’t skimp on quality, sulfate free hair care. Well-known brands produce shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks that are specifically designed for keratin treatment. We highly recommend these products.

Always Do Your Research

Don’t forget to do your research before you try any Keratin treatment. It can be very difficult to determine if a particular treatment is effective or not. There are so many variables. Are you looking to reduce frizz and keep your curl full? Do you want to get rid of all curl? Talk to your stylist before you start any product. Keratin treatments can be expensive, at around $200+ per treatment. It is worth researching beforehand to save time and money.

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