Forever Favorite Wedding Decor Flowers

Wedding Decor Flowers

Whenever we think about celebrating a special occasion or an event a major part is played by the decor. Have the right theme, colors and aesthetic items. All these things together set a mood and enhance the whole look when these factors are well coordinated. On occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers we pay huge attention to the decor for the day.  Another such important event in one’s life is a wedding. Weddings are life changing for most people. It is the beginning of one of the major chapters of life. And of course such an event has to be memorable and perfect in all possible ways. The right decor is one of the elements that makes that day memorable.

As you know, flowers have always been an important part of our celebration and special occasions. Then how can a wedding ceremony not have flowers all around. But it can also get overwhelming at times. Having a huge variety of wedding flowers in green bay with different size, shape, color. It can get confusing to narrow it down to a few of them and bring out a gorgeous looking theme.

Not to worry! Here is a list from bee enchanted florist, flower shop green bay of flowers that you can choose without any doubt for any wedding decor –

Roses –

This stunning flower is among the most popular wedding flowers worldwide and is also available for most of the year. What better than roses can be used in a wedding ceremony decoration as roses are a classic symbol of love, romance and passion. This flower scones in a wide range of colors making it easy for you to mix and match according to the wedding theme. Out of all the rose species the most commonly used variants are hybrid tea roses, spray roses, and garden roses.

Peonies –

A gorgeous looking summer time flower with a large bloom. Peonies are available in shades like pink, white, red, coral and creme. This flower looks amazing when combined with some green ferns. Peonies are the perfect flower to curate wedding center table statement bouquet. Peonies stand as a symbol for affection, joy and happiness.

Ranunculus –

A mesmerizing flower with multiple layers of delicate petals packed around the center. Ranunculus, a spring summer flower, is an affordable substitute for roses. This flower comes in light pastel shades giving the decor an elegant yet aesthetic finish. The Ranunculus flower is a symbol for attraction.

Tips to remember –

  • Do your research¬† – In most of the weddings people hire a wedding planner or a wedding florist which does make things simple but doing some background research about flowers, colors, their significance. By doing this you can give inputs and suggestions to your wedding florist. This way one will feel more connected with the final result.
  • Have a budget – People often tend to splurge on their wedding out of excitement but having a budget seems more practical.
  • Choose a color family – Wedding decor includes quite a few things like flowers, curtains, statement centerpiece, furniture etc. It is better to choose a color family and tone to bring out a seamless effect in the whole decor.
  • Go for seasonal blooms – Choosing flowers that are easily available and abundant in any season is a great way to make your flowers more lasting as that weather is suitable for them and also you can save some extra bucks too.
  • Check the fragrance – As we know that flowers tend to have a natural fragrance to them, which is great to make the aura of the venue soothing. But also be careful not to choose only those flowers that have a strong scent as you don’t want your venue to have a burst of scents. Remember less is more.

Now you know all the tips and tricks that you can use to plan any wedding decor. Get your hand on these flowers with easy flower delivery in green bay wisconsin.

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