Should you exercise when you are fatigued?

Should you exercise when you are fatigued

                                              “Keep your body Healthy”

Exercise is the best practice to keep the body healthy and toxin-free. It helps to stimulate the new energy in the body and lit up the positive changes in the health graph.

It is a well-known fact that our day-to-day life is too complex and we invest most of our time either following our passion or being occupied by work responsibilities, which ultimately can trigger fatigue, therefore, whenever you found early symptoms of fatigue such as tired all the time and requirement of the refreshing sleep you must go for that and along with having a balance which can be accomplished through the practice of exercise, a healthy diet, and proper sleep and that will bring enormous benefit to your daily life. Further for a healthy diet, you can get it in FITFEAST by FITPASS.

What is fatigue?

It becomes very important to know what fatigue is. Most people can feel tired at the end of the day and sometimes feel sleepy for the whole day so will we consider it fatigue or some symptoms of that?

Those are the early symptoms of fatigue but not fatigue. It can be considered more than this.

When we feel exhausted for a long time and our discomfort and exhaustion interpret in our day-to-day life and it seems very hard to come out of that condition, it will be considered actual fatigue.

What causes fatigue?

There are so many reasons which cause fatigue and that trigger fatigue in general. We must be aware of those causes. Below is an array of causes of fatigue;

Poor Lifestyle – This incorporates a disbalance of the essential activities in our daily life or a lack of healthy & nutritious food in our diet. A person will get fatigued if he/she consumes a lot of alcohol and drugs. They might not figure it out early but gradually they will be exposed to symptoms of it. Apart from this if a person did not do any exercise and does excess activity may also get badly impacted by fatigue. Therefor if you want correct directions for doing exercise you can opt for the FITCOACH– which enables the workout as per your fitness goals.

Lack of proper sleep – Proper sleep is an essential element of reduction in fatigue. However, if a person did not take the 8-hours sleep may ultimately feel exhausted for a long time.

Severe medication – If you take medication such as antihistamines, antihypertensives, and sleep aids for insomnia, it will become the cause of fatigue. It is scientifically proven that such medication makes you fatigued because they affect the chemical in your brain which is known as neurotransmitters.

Diseases – There is some medical cause for your fatigue that can lead to mild to extreme fatigue i.e Tuberculosis, Kidney Disease, and multiple sclerosis (MS).

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complex disorder known for extreme fatigue that can last a minimum of six months. This condition can get worse when underlying causes could not be diagnosed by the treatments. There are a few major fatigue symptoms that incorporate this, for instance, sleep doesn’t help in reducing fatigue, muscle pain, and lack of concentration.

In this condition, patients need to have a variety of tests for the better diagnosis

Exercise, and fatigue

Most people may encounter the dilemma of what condition we do not have to exercise.

If you are constantly doing exercise or have indulged in such work that after completing your body needs the rest then you go for the rest and it will boost the energy in your body.

To regain the muscle’s power- it is a very crucial factor that if your body asks for rest then go for it because when you do rest at that point of time body prepares itself for further tasks, naturally, muscles repair themselves, and accumulate the power to come back on the field.

For better results – This is scientifically proven that after taking rest your body responds appropriately because it gets charged for further physical activity.


The above discussion indicates that we do not need to go for exercise when we are extremely fatigued. There is one popular saying that “know your body best” hence it urges us to take rest when required and we have to take a proper diet that does not hinder our daily fitness and boosts our energy level.

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