Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

What is Dow?

The showboat was traditionally employed to transport pearl traders and divers. However, over time, these ships have changed to provide an unpretentious glimpse of the past and future of the bustling city. These traditional vessels symbolize shipping within this region of the Gulf of Thailand and give visitors a fascinating Arabian background.

Please find out more reasons why taking the Dubai Marina Dow Cruise booking is highly recommended.

What are the reasons to go for a sail at Dubai Marina?

Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city on the Persian Gulf coast. It is also the biggest artificially-constructed marina around the globe! We think that’s sufficient reason to go to Dubai Marina! But there are many more reasons to visit Dubai Marina.

With structures like Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab, and Dubai Mall, the Canal District is home to the highest structures in the world. They also have one of the largest shopping malls in the world in the ‘world’s tallest building’.

The Marina area also boasts stunningly constructed skyscrapers, such as those of the Dubai Marina Yacht club, Dubai Marina Mall, and numerous five-star hotels.

In addition, with the growing amount of tourists and locals in the process, new eateries and places to relax are being opened frequently and adding to the appeal and appeal of Dubai Marina.

There’s the best way for you to see the entire length of Dubai Marina than with a Meadow cruise. Take a boat ride along two miles of canal that offers stunning views from each side.

The typical Dubai Marina Dow Cruise.

What would what does a Dubai Marina Dow cruise look like? Below are the three major characteristics of the Dubai Marina cruise. It’s all dependent on the choice of the cruise. In the end, it’s certainly entertaining!

Dubai Marina is a vantage location to view and navigate the surrounding canals. It offers unbeatable views of the structures that are now landmarks on the world map.

Among the numerous attractions, you’ll be passing by, the most important ones to visit include Burj Al Arab Hotel Atlantis the Palm, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina Yacht Club Promenade, and Dubai Marina Mall.

The opportunity to marvel at the region’s unique architecture with residential structures: office buildings and recreation areas. You could also take cruises during the day if you’re looking to learn more about architecture or take a night and night cruise to witness New Dubai glittering under the darkness.


Dining on a luxurious cruise ship in the night sky is truly unforgettable. And if you dine onboard the Dubai Marina, It will be an absolute delight. The best way to enhance your experience is the possibility of dining on a cruise.

You can indulge in a lavish three-course meal with international or continental cuisine beneath the stars. At the same time, you cruise along the canals and then enjoy a refreshing beverage or juice.

It is possible to take an evening cruise that includes dinner. You can also choose a specific dinner cruise that departs at sunset.


Dubai Dhow cruises excellent meals and experiences in the city; however, they also offer excellent sights. As well as the rich cultural heritage in the city. It all depends on what cruise you pick.

You will be treated to a live show of traditional art performed by skilled performers performing Tanoura dance, Youwla dance, Tanoura dance, and Arabic songs.

When you book the cruise, you can choose any or all of the shows, and experience an entire experience.

Popular Dubai Marina Dow Cruises and More

1. Dubai Marina Sightseeing Cruise

  • Dubai Marina Sightseeing Cruises depart every hour between 10 am and 5 pm, at designated piers along the Dubai Marina Promenade.
  • When you step onto the vessel, you’ll be welcomed by soft local music and a refreshing drink to enjoy an hour-long journey.
  • You’ll cross the world’s tallest Block as you witness the heights of tall buildings such as Infinity Tower, the Infinity Tower, Ocean Heights, Marina Pinnacle, le and Sulafa Tower.
  • The 360-degree glass walls give unobstructed views over the city and fascinating architectural styles that define the richness that is Dubai Marina.
  • If you wish, hotel pick-up is also possible.

2. Dubai Marina Dow Dinner Cruise

  • *The Dubai Marina Dhow Dinner Cruise starts every evening at 8:30 pm and is back on the dock at 10:30 pm after two hours of the cruise.
  • At night during your cruise. Your pick-up will take place at your hotel about an hour before. Before taking off on the Dhow, the crew will be waiting to greet you with a refreshing beverage, dates, and coffee.
  • After arriving, sit back and relax at Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina while traditional music sounds softly in the air.
  • You can take a breather from the deck outside. Sit inside and look towards the Dubai skyline from the 360-degree glass walls.
  • The best part of this cruise is the buffet of three courses that includes a variety of meals.

3. Dubai Marina Sunset Cruise with Live Music

  • If watching sunsets is your is style you should consider it’s time to take a Luxury Sunset Cruise with a Live a Saxophonist is the perfect choice for you.
  • During the two hours you’ll be on the vessel the cruise, you will travel across The Marina Esplanade and you will be able onto to serve Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Hotel Atlantis the Palm, Dubai Marina Mall and other iconic structures.
  • You can enjoy the evening with an endless supply of juices and soft drinks while the sunset sets behind Dubai’s towering buildings.
  • Please note that this isn’t a dhow cruise at Dubai Marina, but a luxury boat cruise.

4. Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise with Live Music

  • The Luxury Dinner Cruise is a unique experience aboard the glass-clad houseboat which offers an incredible view of the New Dubai skyline.
  • The endless amount of juices and soft drinks will keep you hydrated for the two hours of the cruise.
  • You can enjoy an exquisite dinner provided at The Address Hotel, under the stars-lit night sky, and gaze out over the engineering marvels, like that of the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, and other renowned buildings that form New Dubai.
  • Please note that this isn’t a Dhow cruise at Dubai Marina, but a luxury boat cruise.

5. Yellow Boats 60 Min: Dubai Marina & Palm Lagoon Boat Tour

  • Explore the stunning Dubai Marina with a breathtaking skyline and stunning 21st Century modern architecture and feel the excitement and energy of a fashionable urban style.
  • It’s amazing at any time of the day, and in the evening when the Marina becomes lively with amazing lights, colors, and other activities.
  • Your 60-minute guided tour will take you to some of the iconic landmarks of the most stunning marinas in the world.
  • These are the most impressive architecture-related structures that you can be able to see on the journey: Twisted Tower, Princess Tower, Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Address Hotel, Al Fattan Towers, and JBR.

Note that this isn’t the dhow cruise that is offered on Dubai Marina, but a yellow boat cruise.

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