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DrChrono EHR, or electronic medical records (or electronic medical records), are software programs that are digital versions and augmented paper-based medical information. They can keep track of patient’s medical history and medication. They are a great platform that helps to centralize patient information, and they are essential for any modern practice.

DrChrono EHR Software

DrChrono EHR was created in 2009 by two innovative people who were unhappy with the way the healthcare industry treated patients with severe illnesses. The two innovators decided to create an EMR that would automate redundant tasks.

Advanced medical tools are available in the DrChrono EMR system for all sizes of practices and specialties. All the medical solutions include electronic medical software, telehealth management, billing, revenue cycle management, and a patient portal. DrChrono has helped thousands of patients with over 17 million in total.

Healthcare providers love DrChrono EHR’s easy-to-use interface and user-friendliness. It is also cloud-based, so you can access it anywhere and at any time.

DrChrono EHR Features:

Here are some top-rated features that make DrChrono EHR well worth it.

Online Patient Portal:

DrChrono EMR’s Patient Portal makes it easy for you to communicate with your patients. Through the portal, patients can view their health records, make appointments, and get lab results. Patients can also use the internet for their bills to be paid.

To reduce no-shows, and increase revenue, the patient portal automatically reminds patients before every visit. Patients can also be involved in their own healthcare by having access to educational materials and care plans.

Speech-to-text Tool:

Being a busy healthcare professional means you take notes all the time. DrChrono’s EMR software features a medical-speech-to-text function to make your job easier and more productive. The software instantly converts your spoken words to text that you can view on your screen.

The DrChrono Mobile App:

DrChrono offers a cloud-based EHR and one of the best iPad apps. The DrChrono mobile EHR software performs better than a laptop. Mobile EMR software is faster and more convenient. You can also use the mobile EMR’s professional camera with touch, keypad, and pencil to accelerate your workflow.

DrChrono Mobile App includes custom medical forms, clinical comments, and patient self-check-in features. You can view them during the DrChrono EMR Demo.

Revenue Cycle Management:

DrChrono’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), allows you to maintain a steady income and still have time for your patients. DrChrono’s team of medical billing & coding professionals is up-to-date on all market trends to assist you with your financial responsibilities.

DrChrono lets you focus on your practice while taking care of all the administrative details. DrChrono Software can automate tedious tasks and provide high-quality services for a low price. DrChrono’s revenue cycle management will improve your financial success. It has a 96 percent clean claim rate.


Telehealth is critical for protecting yourself and limiting exposure during a pandemic. DrChrono EMR Software’s Telehealth feature allows you to book and schedules virtual appointments right from your computer.

DrChrono’s EMR Software lets you schedule appointments online and sends emails directly to your patients. It also allows you to give consent forms that patients can complete on their iPhones, iPad, or computer.

DrChrono EHR Demo:

To see the DrChrono EHR software in action, schedule a DrChrono EHR Demo. Simply register your practice and a representative of the company will get back to you as soon as possible.

DrChrono reviews claim that the demo will impact your final decision. This is because it allows you to look at the software from a different angle than just reading about it. You can explore more of the DrChrono EMR functions and decide if they are useful for you.

DrChrono EHR Price:

It is important to weigh the cost of EHR software when making a decision about whether or not you want to use it. DrChrono charges $199 per user per month, which is very affordable, especially for independent practices. If you want to have access to more features, however, you will have to pay more.

Access to the EHR Software and Practice Management System is included in the subscription price. DrChrono covers implementation costs and training, which makes the initial investment even more affordable.

DrChrono’s revenue cycle management software does not have additional fees. A one-year contract may be required depending on the type of practice. DrChrono EHR also allows data transfer between the older DrChrono platform and the most recent.

DrChrono EHR Reviews:


  • DrChrono EMR features excellent specialty-specific templates and can be reconfigured to suit your preferences and needs.
  • DrChrono software offers almost all of the features a practice might require, so users don’t need to switch between different health software.
  • Medical software is changing constantly. To keep up with industry trends, the founders of the company are constantly creating new and improved features.
  • These video tutorials can be very helpful and save you from having to contact customer service with any questions.


  • DrChrono EMR Software’s current users say the electronic signature tool is desperately in need of improvement. Some users are frustrated at the time it takes to sign documents.
  • Many system errors have been reported by users, especially when checking in patients.

Concluding Thoughts:

DrChrono EHR Software is an award-winning EHR software that aids healthcare organizations in improving clinical efficiency and workflow. Our comprehensive guide covers all you need to know about DrChrono EMR Software. We hope you find this information useful in helping to make informed decisions.

To get a better understanding of DrChrono EHR, we recommend you read numerous DrChrono review articles. You can also schedule a DrChrono EMR demo to explore the features and make a better decision. This demo will allow you to explore the DrChrono EHR’s features in greater detail.


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