The Great Desert Safari Dubai Tours

Desert Safari Tours

Having read stories from the Arabian Nights stories many times during my childhood, one of the desires I recorded in my notebook was going to a desert safari in Dubai.

This desire of mine was fulfilled this year, when I went to Dubai as part of the expansion of my business into and desert safari booking from the Middle East. The business opportunity was discovered through an acquaintance in Dubai who was in the Emirate for a couple of years.

I jumped at the chance to travel to Dubai despite not being sure if the business plan would be successful or not. I decided to visit Dubai as it allowed me to check off another thing on my list of things to do.

The Desert Safari Experience in Dubai

A desert is a unique destination you’ll ever be to, and a safari in Dubai is something you’ll remember throughout the remainder of the time. After my experience on a desert safari in Dubai,

I would highly recommend you to prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime when you’re in one of the most modernized of seven emirates, for the very first time.

When you plan your desert safari with a top service company, you will be taken from your hotel where you will be set in an SUV Toyota Land Cruiser, at the specified time and then driven directly into the desert.

As you step into the desert floor for the first experience of your life, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to an entirely new dimension! You will be in amazement and awe!

Dune Bashing and desert safari tours

The last destination on every excursion is the Bedouin camp in the middle of the desert, where you will learn about how Arabs used to live in the desert a long time ago.

But, the driver drives you to a predetermined location to get the vehicle ready to drive through the desert. The driver inflates the tires to make the drive on the dusty sand less turbulent.

The 4×4 SUVs, which can hold up to six passengers without the driver, cruise without a hitch into the desert. However, when you travel deeper, the journey becomes bumpier.

Dune bashing is one the most adrenaline-pumping sports you’ll ever experience in your lifetime. The driver will drive you on a climb and descent of high sand dunes, and you’ll get tossed around in the car.

Of course, you’ll be required to wear a safety belt and be secured to your seat, but it’s not an intimidating ride. It’s very secure as the drivers are all competent and skilled. Other thrilling activities offered in the desert are quad biking and sandboarding.

Sunset and Sunrise Viewing on desert safari tours

Whether you decide to go to the desert during the morning or in the evening, you can observe the amazing display of colors that appear in the sky at dawn or the sunset.

If you decide to take a Sunrise desert tour in Dubai and you choose to go on the safari, you get to enjoy the thrilling activities following the Sunrise over Dubai deserts.

Suppose you decide to take the evening desert safari with a barbecue dinner. In that case, you’ll engage in adventure activities before taking an observation point from which you can view the sunset. The Sunrise and sunset are the ideal times to snap some unforgettable images.

If you’re not one for adventures, don’t fret. You can go on long-distance camel rides that take you around the area to give you a glimpse of the desert’s flora and fauna.

The journey also provides an opportunity to take amazing photos. The wildlife and birds you can view comprise Arabian Oryx and Gazelles.

At The Bedouin Camp

Then, you arrive at the campsite in an oasis, and you feel like you’re in the fair. Arabian drinks and dates greet you. Additionally, you will be served soft drinks and mineral water whenever you wish.

When you’re served lunch, breakfast, or dinner, depending on the timing of your visit, you have enough time to try some of the activities that will provide a good understanding of Arabian culture.

These include Shish Smoking, painting your feet and hands with henna, and taking photos dressed in Arabian costumes.

If you decide to go on the evening desert safari, you’ll also get to see the belly dancing, Tanura, and fire dance performances.

At the same time, you enjoy your barbecue dinner at the camp outside in an open space. For dinner, you can expect spicy Arabic food like falafel Samoas and beans salads that are dressed with greens and pita bread. Grilled fish and lamb are among the other delights you can relish.

Desert Safari Tours

If you’re searching for the top safari tour operator in Dubai, there is no need to look further than Dubai Desert Safari Tours.

This company has been offering various desert safari tours since 1998. Being awarded an award of excellence awarded by Trip advisor, Desert Safari Tours ensures that you will have an unforgettable desert safari experience in Dubai.

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