Decorative Laminates: Which is Better for Your Home?

Decorative Laminates

Renovating your home may be a daunting task. But with the right amount of knowledge and expertise in matters of materials used to refurbish your home, you can create a peaceful and beautiful haven. Laminates are the perfect components that can make your home a wonderful place to be. They come in different styles, layers, and textures and can accentuate the look of your home effortlessly. These laminates are composed of thin layers of wood veneers or layers of veneers to give them a solid texture. They are known for their ease of maintenance and installation and their utmost durability.

However, since there are so many laminates for beautification purposes available on the market, it can be perplexing to choose one from the pool of different kinds of laminates. They are varied due to reasons such as their surface, edges, and even colour. Moreover, laminates are a versatile product that can be incorporated into a legion of corners like the living room, dining area, and kitchen of your home.

Further, another interesting observation about decorative laminates is that they are quality products, and most of them are waterproof. Truly, they are one of the most innovative products of this century and can add a posh look to your interiors with little to zero effort. Installing them into your kitchen cabinet is easy, in contrast to what people imagine about laminates. They are simply the most sleek and sophisticated product that you can get your hands on.

  • Glossy-Finish laminates

Glossy laminates are not everyone’s cup of tea. It is mostly preferred by home owners and residents who are enamoured of bling. This type of laminate can add an elegant matte finish to your furniture, making it shine on the surface. The glistening occurs due to the simple fact that the glossy surface acts like a mirror, reflecting the light it has encountered and thereby leaving an impression. Providing a matte finish is the best thing that you can do to accentuate the look of your furniture. It will feel like royalty in the end, which will capture everyone’s attention.

  • Textured Laminates

Textured laminates are one-of-a-kind laminates that have the prowess to mimic natural formations. They can resemble wood or leather with ease. A cool thing to be noted about textured laminates is that they cannot be differentiated from real stone or raw silk until and unless they are touched by a person. The laminates appear like these major products derived from nature and add more substance to your furniture or wherever it is employed. However, these laminates are to be used where there is little or no dust so as to preserve their quality and keep them secluded from grime or dirt.

  • High-Pressure Laminates

These laminates are on top of their game with their unique properties. As their name suggests, they can withstand high pressure. Labelled as HPL, they are the sturdiest type of laminates available for purchase and have the strength of oak. Further, they demonstrate excellent resistance against heat and unfavourable scratches. Their applications are far and wide and are readily employed in a couple of areas, from kitchen countertops to storage units. High-pressure laminates are also ideal to be used as countertops for cubicles, worktops, windows, and so on and so forth.

  • Antibacterial Laminates

You have already come across laminates that show resistance against scratches and heat. The anti-bacterial laminates exhibit a different sort of resistance, which is the ability to keep bacteria at bay. A unique feature of these laminates is that they show resistance against almost all pathogens, such as viruses, miniscule bacteria, and so on. Besides, they have an extra coating of an antibacterial layer that bestows it with this property and makes it an amazing countertop material for furniture across all domains.

So, if you ever want to customize your home or kitchen scopes, feel free to get in touch with an expert manufacturer of laminates such as the CenturyLaminates. They have an incredible range of Lucida laminates perfect for taking the interior of your home a notch higher.

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