Chimney Flue Liner Fitters – The Importance of Getting It Right

Chimney Flue Line Fitters

When we think of fireplaces, our minds usually wander to cuddling up by the fire and sipping hot cocoa during cold winter months. However, if you don’t have your chimney flue liner properly installed, your fireplace becomes more of a danger than anything else – especially when it comes to carbon monoxide gas leaks. If you’re considering getting your chimney flue liner refitted, here are the three reasons why you should always hire Chimney Flue Liner Fitters to do the job.

Getting it right first time saves you money

It is not a hard and fast rule but you should have your chimney flue liner fitted by a certified professional such as a qualified Chimney Flue Liner Fitter. Fitting it wrong the first time can be expensive, because it will need to be removed and replaced. All this work has to be carried out by the same specialist who fitted it initially. Doing the job right in the first place saves you money in the long run.

Knowing the facts is a top priority

It may not be as necessary as it once was, but chimneys are still used in residential properties and businesses to release the smoke from a fire. No matter how new or old your property is, having an experienced chimney flue liner fitter come out and examine your chimney for possible problems can help avoid issues later on.

Understanding chimneys and flues

Many types of fires are possible in the home: wood, coal, oil, electric, gas. Each have their own means to produce carbon dioxide, ash and smoke which leaves deposits on the chimney and flues if they are not properly cleaned. This buildup can reduce a fire’s efficiency and it can also cause dangerous exhaust back-up into the house.

Health and safety is everything

A Chimney Flue is a round, vertical opening from the outside to the inside that allows for an updraft of hot air. This means that if you’re going to have a fire in your fireplace, it has to exit via this small hole. In order for this hole to work correctly, there are many different things that must be done correctly and chimney liners are just one aspect.

Do your research, then get your liner fitted

If you have a chimney flue, it is important to get the liner fit correctly. This ensures the safety of your home by ensuring that no hazardous fumes or gases enter the house from leaking chimneys.
More importantly, you will know that your home will be safe during any heating season with a new lining in place.

Think about efficiency before anything else.

Appointing a chimney flue liner fitter that’s reliable, experienced and competent is vital for ensuring the safety of your home. This skilled professional can help you create an installation and maintenance plan to save you money in the long run. Not only that, they’ll make sure everything complies with current building regulations, so you can be sure your home is completely safe when they’re finished.

DIY liners are good value but don’t always last long

If you’re confident in the skills to lay your own flue liner, you may want to go ahead and do so. Whilst DIY liners are a great value and can help with cutting costs, they don’t always last as long. The reality is that as well as creating a short-term saving, DIY liners also lead to more maintenance costs over time.

Get it checked after every use.

It’s important to get a chimney liner check after every use. This is to make sure that there are no leaks or problems in the construction that may eventually lead to structural damage. If you have an older chimney liner, it should be replace as soon as possible for the safety of you and your family. A lot of damage can be prevented by just getting a routine inspection on your chimneys and make sure all is well.

Cladding can cause problems, so be wary of DIY cladding advice

Cedar cladding can be a cost-effective way to add architectural interest and natural beauty to your home. However, it’s important to remember that the materials you use not only will impact the look of your home, but also its durability and maintenance. In many cases, using a so-called DIY product such as a manufactured fiber cement board (with an exterior release coating) or plywood paneling is not recommend.

If you think you may have a problem, contact us today!

If you are experiencing a problem with your chimney and are not sure if it is a lining issue, do not hesitate to call. Let us take a look for you and make the appropriate recommendations for repair. We will discuss how long they may take to fix, what the cost will be, and answer any questions that you may have. We want our customers to be confident in their decision when making a purchase or getting repairs done on their home.

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