Check Out Why Terrazzo is an Exquisite Choice for Your Home

Terrazzo Tiles

Can you remember that speckly appearance that was much in trend in the early 90s? Well, this appearance can be achieved by using terrazzo look tiles. However, these tiles haven’t been used much in the last few decades or so, it is back in fashion once again as style and subtleness are mostly been preferred by designers nowadays. Whether it’s the living room or kitchen, or bathroom the flecked appearance of these tiles can make any arena of your home look more beautiful.

What is Terrazzo?

It is nothing rather than a composite material used to set on the walls and floors. Along with the binder, these tiles are cast with marble chips, quartz, granite, glass, and other materials. After getting laid, it’s restored, grounded, and smoothly polished to create a uniform yet textured surface. 

The terrazzo look tiles were first used as a mosaic in ancient Egypt. It had started gaining popularism in Venice with scraps of marble mixed with concrete at the start of the 15th century. One of the most notable examples of Terrazzo tiles is The Hollywood Walk of Fame Est. in 1958, as part of which terrazzo stars are embedded on sidewalks. Each of the stars represents the name of an achiever in Hollywood. 

There had been numerous changes in the device and the composition of its elements. While the components like quartz, granite, and agate have been used in making terrazzo. Though earlier it was used as an economical material, it is now among costly materials, thanks to its exquisite quality.

What are Terrazzo Tiles?

You can readily go for terrazzo-look tiles in case you like the appearance of terrazzo and want to make it a part of your décor. The application range of these tiles has been rolled out in keeping with the latest trend. The aggregation of tiles can provide the endurance of many tiles with dazzling looks. 

The luxurious feel of terrazzo tiles combines the functionality of these elements. These are widely utilized as bathroom tiles as an attractive alternative to marble or granite. It is also much cheaper than natural material.

Prime attributes of Terrazzo look tiles: – 

Here lie some of the essential features of Terrazzo look tiles: – 

1. Stunning looks: – 

These sorts of tiles can provide social status and grace in your room. The distinctive pattern and complex designs can make anyone take a second glance at them. While pairing with vintage or modern furnishing, the tile will furnish your room with an elegant touch. It is just the right option to speed up your décor while keeping it fair. 

2. Permanence: – 

The pleasing look of this tile is nicely balanced with the permanence of the ceramic material. The raw elements used in the manufacturing method of the tile ensure permanence and longevity. It is one of the rigid tiles available in the market. The tile also has a low water absorption rate making it long-lasting. 

3. Scratch- and Stain-Resistant: –

The surface of this tile can remain the same for a lot of years to come. It is because the tile has an upper coating that makes it resistant to stains, smudges, and scratches. The texture of the tile can remain undamaged even after spills of acids or chemicals. 

4. Easy Maintenance: –

These tiles are very suitable to clean and nurture. There is no inconvenience in cleaning the tile surface. Whether it’s your room or bathroom, you can make them pristine clean within a few minutes of swipes of a damp cloth or mop. The finish of these materials doesn’t get flagged even after years of wear and tear.

5. Eco-Friendly Option: –

One of the greatest attributes of this tile is that it’s made up of reformed material. Materials like marble, quartz, and glass are found in the amalgamation of these components. The assortment of this material provides a stylish and unmatched design while being environment-friendly. Apart from these materials, clay is also utilized in their manufacturing. While the possibility of this material emitting any allergens is significantly less.

6. Large Variety: –

You can obtain these bathroom tiles from mart in diverse colors, patterns, designs, and finish. These products will swiftly enhance the appearance of any room. Thus, it can place a precious jewel in the crown of your room. 

7. Application Areas: –

Terrazzo look tiles can be utilized almost at any spot owing to their multifaced sketch and resiliency. It looks much better when employed as wall tiles in bathrooms and kitchens. These kinds of tiles can also be used on outdoor floors such as terraces and balconies. Diverse structures consisting of brick, Versailles, straight and random, can be exercised to set these tiles to boost the atmosphere of your home.

Conclusion: –

This is all about the features of the bathroom tiles. It is necessary to visualize the tiles in your room before making any commitments. Many manufacturers can make this task easier. You can try out the tiles digitally by simply uploading the pictures of your room. So, get going now!

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