Challenges faced by UPSC Aspirants in Preparing for the Exam


UPSC has always been the toughest exam in the country, and the level is increasing every year. To clear such an exam, aspirants must devote quality time and effort to cover the vast syllabus. That’s why most aspirants prefer to Enroll in the top IAS coaching center in Faridabad

But the vast syllabus and the efforts it takes for the preparation can demotivate candidates. Additionally, multiple attempts and revisions can be other challenges that may make people lose interest and pursue a different career pathway. 

Investing many years of life into the UPSC exam preparation is accompanied by a lot of future challenges in the candidate’s life. If the candidate fails to achieve worthwhile results, it becomes more struggling for them to reappear or move on to other options.

A top IAS coaching in Faridabad can help increase your chances of clearing the exam. The different institutes have slightly different IAS coaching fees in Faridabad, so you can choose one that suits your best interests.

Although, before beginning the exam preparation, it is imperative to understand the problems that may come your way to becoming a civil servant. The article will take you through the common challenges faced during UPSC preparation and how to overcome them.

How To Initiate

At the start, it is not easy to understand the pattern and marking scheme of the UPSC exam. The syllabus is already vast, and candidates get confused between different subjects and topics. Moreover, it is not easy to prepare for all subjects simultaneously. The first thing that haunts many students is where and how to get started. It takes time to find the right answer.

The Different Levels

The UPSC exam has three phases – Prelims, Mains, and personality tests. Each phase has different cut-offs and qualifications based on the subject a candidate chooses. You have a limited time frame to prepare for each subject and crack all levels. Such a difficulty level calls for extreme dedication and hard work. Therefore, every candidate must understand the exam pattern and syllabus before making a decision to become a civil servant.

Here’s the exam format for your reference:

  • Prelims (objective): The first level is usually conducted around June.
  • Mains (written): After clearing the Prelims, a candidate moves to the second level of the exam, which is conducted around September-October
  • Personality Test: After clearing the Mains, the candidate will be called for an interview/personality test, which is usually in March-May.

Vast Syllabus

The syllabus of the UPSC exam is quite vast. One can be overwhelmed seeing the syllabus, which a candidate has to cover to ensure a job as a civil servant. To cover the vast syllabus, candidates must dedicate quality time and start at the right time to spare themselves a few days for revision. One can take the help of The technique of top IAS coaching in Faridabad to complete the syllabus on time.

Investing Appropriate Time

Clearing the UPSC exam is not an easy task to accomplish. Only a few candidates are lucky enough to clear the exam after thorough hard work and consistent efforts. Therefore, it’s better to make a timetable and stick to it to crack the exam. But for some candidates having a full-time professional career or doing graduation or post-graduation, it becomes difficult to invest the appropriate time. In such a scenario, instead of getting impatient or panicking, it’s good to seek patience and persistence. Focus on preparing well, revising, and practicing mock tests. It will help you cover the topic and attain the confidence necessary for the exam.

Not Able To Find Smaller Unit Mock Tests

You will hardly find any mock tests as per the topics and subjects. The unavailability of mock tests makes it hard for aspirants to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Smaller practice tests help the aspirants measure their knowledge of a subject or topic. But such mock tests are hardly available. The top IAS coaching center in Faridabad can help candidates with the right mock tests necessary to check how far they have reached in their preparation.


One can find numerous IAS coaching centers. Candidates feared by the exam’s difficulty level always go for the top IAS coaching in Faridabad. Some aspirants have to leave their homes and get coaching in another city, which puts a heavy financial burden on their shoulders. Usually, normal IAS coaching lasts from 6 to 12 months. If you are planning to not take coaching, it’s better to refer to the easily available NCERT books and Gold Standard books to kickstart your UPSC preparation. For practice, we recommend you find relevant mock tests or buy a few online based on your needs.

Handling Failures Is Not Easy

Multiple attempts can easily demotivate a person. Trying again and again and facing failures drains out a person’s energy and make it hard for them to give the exam another try. Plus, candidates fail to find where they are lacking or in what areas they must work. 

Therefore, we highly recommend those candidates keep themselves motivated during tough times. They should read positive books, articles, and blogs. Read the stories to candidates who, after multiple attempts, were able to crack the exam and bag a reputed civil service job.

Setting A Timetable

As mentioned earlier, the UPSC syllabus is vast and demands the creation of a precise timetable so that a candidate can cover all the topics on time and also get enough time for revision. The timetable should be feasible and cover time for preparing the topics, practicing mock tests, and revision.

Societal Pressure

Everyone in your family and friends wants to see you grow and succeed in life. The pressure of preparation and building a career, along with the social pressure of getting married and settling in life, can be overwhelming. The pressure can result in anxiety and waver your focus. Therefore, surround yourself with uplifting people and try to stay positive. 

Parting Thoughts

We hope that the article has precisely explained the challenges faced by UPSC aspirants in preparing for the exam, along with the solutions to tackle them. If still, you have any questions or concerns, do let us know in the comments.

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