Burj Khalifa – Dubai’s First Attraction

Burj Khalifa

The world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa is a major attraction in Dubai. Previously it was named as Burj Dubai and later changed to Burj Khalifa in honor of Abu Dhabi’s ruler. Main purpose of its construction in Dubai was to change the impression of Dubai from an oil-based territory to a tourist destination.

And yes, it has served its purpose very well. Most people turn up to Dubai in order to pay a visit to Burj Khalifa.

Tickets to Burj Khalifa

If planning to visit Burj Khalifa, then the tickets for the same can be checked on their website. The prices for Burj Khalifa are quoted based on the time and level you choose to go at.

(A) There are burj khalifa ticket based on the levels like-

1.A visit to levels 124 and 125.

2.A visit to level 148 and the previous levels. Level 148 is the highest level.

However, it is advisable that you pre book the tickets for levels 124 and 125 as the tickets are more affordable hence, sold more. This also means that there are a greater number of visitors at these levels than expected.

(B) Similarly, there are tickets based on the time of visit-

Experience that you get here will directly depend upon the time of your visit. Like there is a certain time period when the place is crowded so you might avoid visit during that time. Also, the outside views you get will also depend upon the same.

1.Prime time: Tickets during this time are expensive.

2.Non-Prime time: Tickets are cheaper and the crowd is less.

Floor 124 and 125- Prime time price is around AED 224 and Non- Prime time price is around AED 149.

Floor 148 + 124 and 125- Prime time price is around 533 AED and Non-Prime time price is around 379 AED.

Entry to Burj Khalifa

Levels 124 and 125

This option will take you to the ‘At the top’ floors of Burj Khalifa. These are not the top floors but still will satisfy you with some great views. There are telescopes provided on the floor 124.

Prime time- 4 pm to 6 pm

However, there are different kinds of tickets you can choose for these levels-

1.General- This option is great for people visiting during non-Prime-Time hours. The tickets can be purchased on their official website. One ticket for this time will cost you around AED 149.

2.Skip-the-Line- There are big ticket queues outside Burj Khalifa. If you have less time and get tired easily then you must choose to buy this ticket through their official website.

One ticket for Prime as well as non-prime hours will cost you around AED 323.

3.Sunrise view- Waking up early and having breakfast while enjoying great views is many visitors’ priority. Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast along with the sunrise view here at just around AED 130. Purchase the tickets prior to your visit from their official website.

4.Virtual Tour- This is a great option for Adventure seekers. This will give you an experience on a parachute from Burj Khalifa. Non-Prime time tickets are around AED 174 and AED 323 for prime time.

5.Rooftop Lunch- If you are visiting anytime near the lunch or dinner hours then plan your visit in such a way that you can enjoy one of the meals here. The restaurant is located on the 5th floor and serves delicious food.

There is a discounted package available on their official website. Visit to levels 124 and 125 is included in the package and the timings are 12 noon to 2 pm.

Level 148

This level will give you a chance to visit level 148 and levels 124/125 also. Obviously, 148 is an upper level hence will give some different views too. This could be more entertaining also as the number of people would be less here.

Prime time- 12 noon to 8 pm

1.Tickets for Prime time- During this time, you will be able to catch the glimpse of the sun setting down. Colors of the sky are changing and you will be spellbound by the view from such a height.

2.Non-Prime time- The entry time is after 7 pm. Quite possibly there will be a lesser number of people at this hour. So, a quiet dinner with a beautiful view can be enjoyed.

3.Lounge- The Burj Khalifa lounge is located at level 152, 153 and 154. As with the other levels, tickets for the lounge experience can be booked from their website.

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