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Are you planning to buy a Bluetooth speaker this new year’s sale then you have landed in the right place. If you are confused about what to buy then you need to look at this. We all have used speakers for years but every time we buy a new one. We need to look for something new and advanced as the technology is growing faster and more drastically. We need to be up to date with our gadgets.

When it comes to music, we go frantic about our favorite songs, be it a popular pop song, a metallic band song, or a love song, we love to play it loud and enjoy every emotion of it. Music can change our mood and helps relieve stress. If you are a music lover then there is no doubt you want to have the best speaker. You can buy the best brand at a much cheaper price from Best Buy New Year Sale 2023 and enjoy the best sound for your music.

As I wanted to buy a Bluetooth speaker, I even had to do some R&D to find a good one, and now I feel I did a good job. But I would not say that there is only one speaker that I found was best. There are others which I feel can give you the same experience or an even better experience than this. As I had my budget fixed I couldn’t go beyond my capacity. Anyways, let’s see what else we should consider while buying a speaker.

Complete Buying Guide: Get The Best Bluetooth Speaker

Firstly, before even learning about the specifications of a speaker, we need to know what we need to look for even before buying a speaker:


How much are you willing to pay is the first thing that you must think about while buying a gadget, but when it comes to speakers we are willing to pay a little more than we can. There are many Bluetooth speakers available in the market which are ever expensive but give a good sound quality and there are also cheaper ones with low quality but the other specifications are good. You are also lucky enough that there are also some good ones within our budget. So be very careful what you need and how much you can afford. Unnecessary if you just want to buy an expensive one but that might not be worth it.


Another factor to consider is the size of the Bluetooth speaker. There are many different sizes of speakers available on the market. So consider where you will be playing it the majority of the time. Do you require a speaker for your bedroom, living room, patio, pool, or something portable that you can carry with you all day? This is significant because there is rarely a one-size-fits-all speaker, and different use cases typically necessitate different-sized speakers.

So, let’s go over the different size categories and how they’re typically used. Alternatives to micro and nano speakers. The smallest speakers are about the size of a matchbox. They can be a good option if you need something small and lightweight. The next category is medium-sized Bluetooth speakers, which are still quite portable. You can take them to the beach or a barbeque, but they are quite heavy. So carrying them all day is not comfortable.

If you need a bookshelf speaker for your home, you can choose from this category. Because they have decent sound, can fill a living room, and the larger ones can even work as a home audio system. The last category is a large boombox or party speaker that is used for larger spaces and is extremely loud and provides a full soundstage with deeper lows and punchy bass.

Sound Quality:

The most important feature to look for before investing in a wireless Bluetooth, speaker is high-quality sound output with ample bass.

If you enjoy deep bass, you should look for a speaker with bass radiators and dual drivers.

While bass radiators improve bass response, dual drivers generate more powerful sound for improved performance.

Battery Life:

If you want your Bluetooth speaker to last all day, it must have good battery life. While larger speakers have longer playtimes, clever space-saving design allows smaller models to go the distance as well. Look for at least 10 hours of battery life and USB-C charging ports for quick recharges. Many speakers also support wireless charging and can be used to recharge your phone while on the go. Bluetooth 5 or higher is also notable because it allows for pairing distances of up to 120 meters, as opposed to Bluetooth 4.2, which only allows for 30 meters.

If you use your speaker for parties, multi-point pairing allows your friends to easily take over.


If you want an outdoor speaker, you should look for something tough that can withstand the elements. In this case, you should avoid anything made of hard materials because they can easily collect scratches and dents when tossed into a bag or dropped accidentally. It’s best if the speaker is covered in fabric or rubberized plastic. Outdoor speakers are frequently used near a pool or during a hike where they may become wet. So it is critical to select one with water resistance.

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