Study Apps for Students

There are some apps that can help you focus and study better than others. Some of these apps include Dragon Dictation, GoConqr, Office Lens, and pear deck. If you’re looking for a way to study in the comfort of your own home, these might be the apps you’re looking for.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a speech-to-text app that allows you to dictate your thoughts to be converted into text. It is an excellent app for students who struggle with writing. Students can dictate their thoughts instead of typing, which allows them to concentrate on the content and think more clearly. Using the app will also help them brainstorm ideas by speaking out loud.

Dragon works by learning the words you’re trying to say. As you practice, you can add new words. To practice, read aloud for five minutes. Then, highlight the words that are incorrect and say, “Correct that,” and repeat them to Dragon.


GoConqr is a powerful study app with a library of over four million learning resources. GoConqr also offers a collaborative platform for students and teachers to create and share content. Its easy-to-use interface makes it easy for even the youngest student to use.

GoConqr offers social learning, which is important for university students. It helps students connect with classmates, share study resources and get feedback. It’s available on both iOS and Android. GoConqr can help students organize their study schedule and make revision fun.

The app has customizable sections and an online digital planner. It also allows scholars to manage and organize their classes and assignments. It’s designed to help students stay on track with their studies and their personal lives.

Pear deck

Pear Deck is one of the most popular study apps for students, but it has many features that teachers will also find beneficial. It allows teachers to easily see a student’s work in real-time and provide timely feedback. Teachers can also star specific responses and assign homework. Pear Deck can be used for flipped learning sessions, remote learning, and differentiated teaching. Teachers can view the materials students create in Pear Deck and share them with students, parents, and colleagues.

Pear Deck is a great option for students with limited time or computer access. Students can work on the app on their smartphones or tablets. All they need is an internet connection and a stable WiFi connection to use the app. Pear Deck also requires a Google or Office 365 account. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to register for one.

Office Lens

Office Lens is a powerful study app that allows students to save images in multiple formats. It can also help students organize and share their work. For example, if a student needs to understand a complex diagram, they can use Office Lens to crop out the background and align the image so that it is straight.

Another useful feature of this app is the ability to capture text. You can even write on the image with text editing tools. These notes can be emailed or shared with other people. Moreover, this app is available on most major operating systems.

myHomework Student Planner

MyHomework is a great study app that will help you stay organized and on track while studying. Its customizable features allow you to input all your assignments and class schedules, categorize them, and add due dates and reminders. It even syncs across platforms. This makes it a great study app for students of all levels.

The myHomework Student Planner app is a free digital planner that will help you organize your daily schedule. The app lets you create color-coded calendars for your classes, and you can add descriptions of homework. It also creates a clear list of assignments that will remind you of deadlines.

Another great student planner app is iStudiez Pro. This planner app will keep track of your academic tasks in one place, and it has a real-time view for your assignments and grades. This planner app syncs with your computer, iPhone, and iPad, so you can easily see what you need to do and when.


StudyBlue is a cloud-based study app for students. It lets you create flashcards for every subject and use audio and images to make them more accessible. The app also features a search engine that can help students increase their vocabulary. By adding a search term, students can access a database of words that are important for their class or study. Another great feature of StudyBlue is its built-in review sheet. Students can check their spellings and flip over cards to see how they did. This allows students to learn new vocabulary and review words that they have missed.

StudyBlue offers a wide variety of features for students, including the ability to create study cards, create quizzes, and store study notes in the cloud. It can also be used to create study materials and collaborate with classmates and teachers. More than five million people worldwide have downloaded the app.


Evernote is an app that can help you collect information from different sources and organize it in one place. The program lets you take screenshots and “clip” information from websites and save it in an electronic notebook. It also has group collaboration features such as chat and sharing notes. The app can also be used offline, which means that you can access your notes even when you are not connected to the internet.

Evernote is an all-in-one solution for students who need to keep organized. It allows you to organize your notes, add images and audio, connect to your Google calendar and access your notes on different devices. Another great feature is the ability to sync your notes between devices. In addition, it allows you to share your notes with other users, which is a great feature for students who have a large group of notes.

Evernote helps you organize your notes in the best way possible. You can create links between notes and organize them in a logical order. You can also add multimedia to your notes to help you understand them better. Keeping your notes organized is vital for revising for exams. And with Evernote, you can organize your notes easily and effortlessly.

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