What can Ayurveda do to help with your cardiac problems?

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More than 30 million Indian heart patients live in India. India has the highest rate of heart failure deaths and more than 30 million heart patients. Research shows that heart disease is rising in India for those over 50. Heart attacks are more common in patients younger than 30, and 35% occur in people under 50.

Heart disease medications are highly effective and can last a lifetime, so people should continue taking them. Ayurveda can be used to treat heart disease holistically, a powerful and efficient way to improve your overall health. Multiple studies have shown the effectiveness of Ayurvedic treatment for heart disease.

What are the Treatments Ayurveda Offers for Heart Disease?

The main causes of heart disease are sedentary lifestyles, which include inactivity and a high intake of unhealthy, processed foods. Living in the West can cause cholesterol plaques, reducing blood flow and leading to heart disease.

Ayurvedic heart disease treatment involves special diets, herbal remedies, and yoga poses that encourage recovery. These therapies can help reduce or eliminate heart disease’s most severe components and reverse or minimise symptoms. The practice of Ayurveda can help your heart.

Blood Pressure Ranges Between Low and High

In his article “Comparative Study of Concepts of Ischaemic Heart Disease In Ayurveda,” Dr. P. Mamgain discussed ayurveda. Doctors confirmed that Ayurvedic texts could be the answer to modern-day problems in 1993.

Rohit M.Sane published a novel about Ayurvedic therapy to treat chronic heart failure in 1993. This book highlights the health benefits of Ayurvedic treatments for heart disease. This study demonstrates the Ayurvedic benefits and can increase oxygen absorption and lower systolic blood pressure.

Increases in Circulation

Poor circulation is the cause of Ischemic Heart Disease. Poor circulation is the leading cause of death in Ischemic Heart Disease.

Hrid Basti is an Ayurvedic practice that applies hot herbal teas topically to increase blood circulation. It’s known for increasing local blood flow via vasodilatation, and it decreases spasms within the intercostal muscles. Ayurvedic herbal remedies that contain Terminali arjuna improve blood circulation by increasing the effectiveness of heart muscle contractions.

It Improves Aerobic Function.

Ayurveda can improve your cardiorespiratory systems, such as breathing techniques, yoga poses, and yoga asanas. Healthy cardiorespiratory systems are essential to prevent heart disease, increase blood flow and reduce the chance of developing it.

Dr.Rohit Sane and Milind Hanschate coauthored “Sampurna Hridaya Shuddhikaran,” a study showing that Ayurvedic treatments could improve aerobic function.

Maximum oxygen consumption (or VO2 max) is a measurement that assesses the health of the cardiorespiratory system. The study showed that therapy could treat heart disease and other related issues.

High Cholesterol vs. Low Cholesterol

Multiple health issues can be brought on by high cholesterol levels. When cholesterol plaques accumulate in the arteries, high cholesterol can cause atherosclerosis. Bad lifestyle choices and poor diet can increase LDL (bad cholesterol), but HDL (good cholesterol) can be reduced.

Ayurvedic treatments for heart disease often include therapeutic massages with sesame oil. LDL cholesterol can also be decreased with sesame oil, and Atherosclerosis can even be prevented by using it. Heart disease can also be treated with it.

As a result, the blood becomes more elastic.

Blood vessels are elastic and can shrink or stretch depending on how blood flows, and this is important because it maintains constant blood pressure. Ayurvedic therapies can maintain the flexibility of arterial walls and stop them from becoming rigid. You may even have the option of doing this to lower your risk of developing heart disease.

Lower Stress Levels

Hormone release can be caused by stress, such as adrenaline or cortisol. Cortisol can cause blood sugar to rise, and adrenaline accelerates the heartbeat. Heart disease can result from long-term stress.

His recent study, “Evaluation the Efficacy of the Ischemic Reversal Program(IRP), in Patients Suffering From Stable Ischemic Heart Diseases (IHD),” was published. Swedana or fermentation is an Effective Ayurvedic Treatment, and this treatment is particularly beneficial for heart problems because it aids mental and physical cleansing and relieves stress.

Benefits of Ayurveda for Heart Disease

In comparison to allopathic medicine, the traditional medical system of Ayurveda has many benefits. Ayurvedic treatments could benefit your heart health.

There are no unfavourable effects.

Allopathic treatment for heart disease can cause side effects. Antiplatelet medication can cause dizziness and diarrhoea—a rapid or irregular heartbeat.

Erectile dysfunction can occur in men who take antiarrhythmics or high blood pressure medications. With advancing age, patients are more likely to have severe adverse drug reactions, especially those with ongoing heart conditions. Ayurvedic therapies are proven safe and effective, and the benefits can also increase if they are used frequently.

Simple Access

Healthcare is overloaded, and not all essential medicines are available. Prescriptions can be significantly more expensive if you go to private companies. Ayurvedic herbs are readily available and can be bought in pots to ensure immediate access.

Results That Last

For patients who can put up with them, ayurvedic treatments can be very effective. Dr.Sane’s retrospective cohort analysis of the survival and mortality rates for Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) patients who received Ayurvedic Sampurna Shidhikaran (SHS) therapy showed that 72% had seen effective improvement. The results are still excellent three years later. This indicates that Ayurvedic heart disease treatments are not only practical but also last a long time.


Rising demand has led to a sharp rise in the price of medication for heart conditions. These medications can be costly in rural areas, where most out-of-pocket costs are for cures. Ayurveda is a viable financial option as it reduces dependence on allopathic medicines and lowers healthcare costs.

Enhances General Health

Synergistic medicine is used in ayurvedic heart treatment to enhance heart performance. These holistic treatments can improve your overall health and reduce the risk of severe health issues. Ayurveda has been proven to increase patients’ mental, physical, and emotional well-being, allowing them to live longer and improve their quality of life.

Ayurvedic treatment for heart disease can be combined with allopathic medicine or as a standalone therapy, and Ayurveda is a great way to treat heart problems. Before you begin regular Ayurvedic treatments, consult your doctor, and Ayurvedic experts can help you select the best heart health program.

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