These Major Things To Avoid Black Magic After Marriage


There is always something wrong happening around you. Nothing good happens. Everyone remains worried. The mind is always confused. Someone in the family remains ill. Seeing all this, don’t you also feel that someone has got black magic done on you or your family? If it seems so, then it can also be true. Now the question arises that how this black magic happens. How to remove black magic? Know the remedies to black magic removal from astrology and keep these important things in mind to avoid black magic after marriage.

  • If you too are about to get married, then note that you will definitely use turmeric during the ceremony. Keep the most attention here that do not throw the cloth after turmeric here and there. If possible, let it flow in the river. The reason is that black magic can be done very easily on the wedding turmeric cloth. Its magic does not leave the person till death.
  • After getting married, many married women are fond of applying vermilion, but they keep that vermilion at any place and pay attention not to do so. There is a lot of bad magic on vermilion. The magic done on this can badly crack the relationship between you and your husband.
  • Mangalsutra is considered a sign of Suhag. It is also considered very sacred. Despite this, such black magic is done on it that the victim has to remain under the control of evil spirits. Not only this, the biggest fear of this magic is that it has a very bad effect on your husband.
  • Often women dry their intimate garments anywhere. Sometimes these clothes keep drying at their place for many days. Don’t let this happen. If it gets into the hands of a person who does black magic, then it can be very difficult. With this humans can be subdued quickly.
  • You have also got married, and even after that you and your husband are not getting along. Every day some or other big confusion is happening between you two. Don’t ignore it. Black magic can be done very easily on the Sehra of the groom.
  • Women throw the sanitary pad used during periods outside anywhere. It is not right to do so. By doing this black magic can be easily done on a sanitary pad and that woman can be subdued.
  • Girls should always keep their wedding bangles safe. There is a lot of black magic on this too. Its magic can separate the girl from her husband.
  • Often people just throw away the haircut from their head. This should not be done. Black magic on hair happens very soon. In such a situation, note that whenever you throw the cut hair, blow it seven times. By doing this, the negative energy inside you also gets removed.
  • Many people have a habit of decorating dolls in their children’s rooms. Decorating dolls in the room leads to negativity. This negativity can harm children.
  • If you also have Paranda, then note that when it is old, get it flown. The magic done on it can control anyone. Apart from this, if a girl is not getting married, then her marriage can be delayed further.
  • Wash bloodstained clothing immediately. There would be such magic on these clothes that the entire dynasty could be destroyed.


Black magic can ruin a person’s life. When black magic is done on a person after marriage then his relationship can be broken. Black magic can be done on anyone from children to elders. You can take marriage predictions to avoid black magic.

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