Auto Accessories Sales Process – A Brief Guide

Auto Accessories Sales Process - A Brief Guide

Auto Accessories Sales Process - A Brief Guide

If your business is Papa’s Car Lot sitting on 1 acre or a mega-store that spans multiple lots, you can improve your profits with accessories sales. It’s as easy as that. Accessories are a multi-billion dollar business that is largely unaffected by the pandemic.

Selling accessories, after being educated by some auto sales training programs, in the store is a well-tested method of increasing the PNVR. However, the caveat is that dealers who chaotically sell accessories are likely to fail sometimes, but they generally fall short of the mark.

An effective accessory program needs an appropriate process specific to your store’s needs. Dealerships are familiar with the procedure. Although the process may differ from store to location, most good practices stay the same.

Some Of The Best Auto Accessory Sales Processes

Distribute Responsibility

Adding accessories at the point of sale is simply a jumping-off point to help your store move towards personalization. It is essential to ensure that supplements are sold in both the parts and sales departments.

Parts sales aren’t an isolated unit! Every department has a part in creating accessories sales like well-oiled machines. Provide ongoing, high-quality education to staff in sales and service on how to present personalized sales and upsell customers.

Make sure you are working with the components to ensure you’re selling the top product, keeping the proper inventory and making specific prices consistent in-store and on the internet.

Be Easily Available

Individualized recommendations for accessories, as well as an easy-to-understand explanation of each, should be made available to all. The information you provide will be identical if you’re next to a customer at the counter or serving an online customer.

Automobile buyers are informed nowadays. They’ll be looking for the capacity to upgrade their vehicle and probably know exactly what they’d like to have.

Don’t disappoint them by failing to highlight each upgrade option in casual conversations or offering additional opportunities during the waiting times for F&I. With live chat capabilities. You can guide your online client through the process in a breeze.

Motivate Using Incentives

Introduce the new process for accessory development with confidence and with structure. Your salespeople must be accountable for the registration of every customer and then presenting before F&I.

It is essential to make it evident that the new accessory procedure isn’t an option by inviting higher-level management to implement it. The most important thing is to inspire your employees by offering them optimism and incentive.

Create a contest to determine who will sell the highest amount of accessories in a week or month, and then reward them with cash on hand.

Include something in addition to the commission they’ll earn for each accessory sold. Reward them publicly and frequently when you’ve got the program going.

Have A Point Person

The person in charge is responsible for checking how often accessories are provided to customers and for responding to internal and external customer questions about inventory, supplements and how to deal with objections.

Specialized accessory managers are a good fit in certain stores, and sales turn customers over after the vehicle sale. In other shops, sales reps present and sell accessories to their customers.

Based on the process you are using, you could choose a trustworthy, reliable or experienced sales representative as your accessory advocate.


Dealerships have high turnover rates, particularly in sales. If you want to build a successful sales system, you have to ensure that your dealership’s training is uniform across all departments.

All new employees must receive the exact training regarding your department’s process for selling accessories.

Everyone should understand the benefits of selling accessories to all departments. Like any new initiative, continuing training and re-visiting the procedure is essential until it is routine.

Accessory Sales Accountability Hub

There is the leading supplier of selling digital accessories systems for dealerships across the United States. Our unique tracking and reporting tools help every department to know what’s being sold and when.

Sales managers will enjoy learning car sales training tips and the proportion of registrations made by every salesperson while keeping track of commissions and sales.

Parts will be able to receive real-time information regarding orders and will be able to go through reports when the time comes to replenish.

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