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Access Management

Access management software helps to ensure security in residential and commercial properties. Access management platforms come with different features such as automatic license plate recognition, virtual guard kiosks, or visitor management tools depending on the nature of the property.

Some access management systems offer an all-in-one solution that addresses various aspects of building security including an automatic number plate recognition feature, credential access, telephone entry, and more. However, you can choose to get tailor-made access management software that addresses the main security concerns of your particular property.

Some of the features that are core to access management systems include:

Real-time monitoring and alerts

When choosing the best access management software for your building, it is important to ensure that it is equipped with fast incident alerts and responses. For instance, an automatic number plate recognition system that controls access to a building will only be useful if it can quickly recognize authorized vehicles and send real-time notifications in case of a breach. This will ensure that users do not have to go through long wait times for authentication. Real-time alerts are also key in case of a security breach so that there can be a response as quickly as possible.

Remote access

The best access management software allows for remote access for prompt intervention or responses when needed. Since access management software is mainly used for security purposes, it needs to be accessible remotely so that interventions can be made where necessary from any location. This means that cloud-based access management systems are ideal since access is not restricted to the premises.

Credential-based access

In some communities and commercial properties, there is a need for role-based access since some visitors or staff may not be authorized to visit certain areas. This means that if you need access management software for a community, you can choose software with credentialed access. This will make it easy to control which areas can be accessed by residents, staff, and visitors.

Credential-based access is a great tool for buildings or communities where some areas need to be reserved for privacy or security reasons. Credentialed access can also be built into automatic license plate recognition where different levels of parking are assigned to different vehicles.

Efficient data management and security

The best access management software is designed to allow easy management of data for analytics, reporting, and security. Look for software that allows easy access to reports and security analytics that help you understand the security situation of your property. For instance, you should be able to generate reports of any breaches in security with time stamps and other details that can help you pinpoint the problem.

Efficient data management also makes it possible to quickly address any lapses in security and implement measures to fix any flaws in access control.


The best software allows for scaling and additional features based on the needs of the user. Look for access control software that can be adapted to the needs of your business. For instance, if you already have a monitoring system for your property or building, you can look for an access control system that is compatible or integrates with the system that you already have.

You can also check that the software is compatible with mobile devices to enable you to access it on the go as needed.

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