7 Ways How BWP Grade Plywood Takes Care of Your Washrooms Better

BWD Plywood

Are you looking for durable furniture for your washrooms? Then why don’t you invest in BWP plywood?

These days most furniture is built using plywood as they are durable and affordable and give an aesthetic appeal to the furniture. However, there is a variety of plywood available in the market of different qualities. Thus it becomes challenging to choose the right one. Every plywood has different characteristics and suits different areas of usage.

The washroom is a completely different area from the rest of the house. It is prone to water and moisture throughout the day. Thus it is important to choose plywood that is waterproof and retains its shape despite being exposed to moisture for longer.

BWP plywood is that category of plywood that proves to be the best for washrooms as it ensures less damage due to termites and water both. Thus ensuring durability.

Read this blog to know how BWP-grade plywood takes care of your washroom better.

What are BWP plywoods?

BWP means Boiling waterproof plywood, and as the name suggests, it is premium-grade plywood. The authentic BWP plywood will be marked as ISI:710 on it to ensure its genuineness. BWP plywoods withstand extreme weather conditions, moisture, water and even termites. Thus most people prefer BWP plywood for their bathrooms.

BWP plywoods are manufactured from tropical hardwood. Sheets of wood are kept one on the other to create separate layers and are glued using boiling waterproof adhesive. Further, it undergoes pressure to ensure tightness. Melamine and Phenol-formaldehyde plastic resins are used in BWP plywood as they are more potent than urea-formaldehyde.

Reasons to choose BWP Plywood like Sainik 710?

Here are 7 ways how BWP grade Sainik 710 plywood is best for your washrooms:

Unmatched Strength

BWP plywood is the strongest among all types of plywood. This is because they can be curved and bent without affecting the strength of the plywood.


BWP plywood has higher durability against water. You can test the capability of this plywood by performing a boiling test. All you need to do is to take a sample of plywood and put it in boiling water. If the layers of the plywood remain intact, then the plywood is BWP plywood. The reason behind this strength is the adhesive that is used to manufacture this plywood. Phenolic glue and melamine glue are mostly used in BWP plywood.

Anti-warp Property

The BWP plywood has anti-warp characteristics, which ensure the dimensional stability of the plywood even in adverse conditions.

Minimal Core Gaps

The adhesive and the double pressure technique used in the manufacturing of the BWP plywood ensures that there is no gap between the veneers of the plywood. The enhanced thickness and minimal gap in the plywood ensure that the cores of the plywood also have minimal gaps. Thereby increasing the performance of the plywood.

Shape Retention

BWP plywood can tolerate high pressure without affecting its strength and shape. It can sustain its shape even in harsh weather conditions.

Borer and Termite Proof

BWP plywoods provide resistance against borers and termites. They are treated with chemicals that repel the insects and thus increase their durability.

Waterproof Quality

When compared with other plywood, such as BWR and MR, BWP plywood has the best waterproof quality because of the material used in its manufacturing.

Weather Resistant

BWP plywood can bear extreme weather conditions as this plywood is processed via stress-relieving treatment. This ensures that the plywood remains stable even in adverse weather conditions such as high temperature, humidity and moisture.

Wrap up

The bottom line is BWP grade plywood is the ideal choice when it comes to picking up the plywood for washrooms. Apart from all its features, it ensures to maintain the aesthetics of the washroom.

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