6 Questions to Ask on a Christian College Visit


Choosing a Christian college has plenty of benefits. You can enjoy being among people with the same faith. You can join clubs or groups with the same interests. You can talk about the Bible or your faith and not risk ridicule, snide comments, or contempt. But the high demand for a Christian education means more and more colleges are filling in the gap. If you want to learn which of those colleges is worth your time, money, and energy, here are questions to ask. Asking the right questions can lead you to the right answers.

What Does It Mean to Attend the College?

Will earning a degree in this college improve your Christian mindset and attitude? What’s the difference between attending a secular school and spending four years at one of the best Christian online colleges? What will you accomplish once you get a Christian education from a religion-based school? Consider asking students about their experiences. Read feedback from other students. Go to forums and chats for students. You may be surprised at the many helpful answers you’ll get.

If I am Not a Christian, Can I Still Attend?

It depends on the school. It also depends on your preferences. Religion-based colleges often incorporate common Christian beliefs and practices into the students’ daily routines. For instance, you start the first class with a prayer. There’s a mass on campus once a month. Many lessons are given a biblical context. Also, being in an environment full of Christians, religion will inevitably come up. Sooner or later, someone will ask you why you aren’t part of the Christian faith. If you feel confident about standing up to those questions, going to a Christian school won’t be a problem. It may even be a lovely experience. Still, not all religion-based colleges are flexible. You may want to do a bit of homework and learn more about the school. Does it have a reputation for welcoming students from other religions? Or do they have many instances of bullying involving non-Christian students? Pay attention to those incidents before enrolling in a Christian school.

Will I Have to Abide by a Code of Conduct?

I imagine the rules are the same code of conduct that students follow at many schools. As long as you respect others and don’t stir up trouble, you should be more than all right. However, in a Christian school, there may be practices you haven’t heard about before. For instance, the school may designate mandatory attendance to mass once a month. Some schools have a dress code, which can be especially strict for young ladies. You likely won’t see any short skirts and tight blouses on campus anytime soon. It would be wise to check what rules you’ll need to adhere to if you decide to attend the school’s online program.

What is the Dorm Situation?

Many colleges have single-gender and co-ed halls, so that’s a relief if you’re exploring their dormitories. Genders may vary by floors in co-ed buildings. However, that could mean sharing a communal bathroom with students of the opposite gender. If that doesn’t sound ideal to you, ask if there are single-gender options available. Even if you choose an online program, you can still stay at the college dorm, so you can go over to campus for onsite activities.

What Makes the School Different?

Is there something about the school that makes it stand out from other Christian colleges? What do you think is great about the school? Is it their curriculum or staff? When you checked out schools, did you like the way the management handled the COVID-19 crisis? Do you like the sense of community in this school?

Choose a Christian College

Attending a Christian school can be exciting. It can also benefit you in numerous ways. Ask questions to help you determine which school is ideal for your needs. If you want to choose this path because it will help you strengthen your faith and grow as a Christian, determine which campus is best for you. Can you see yourself happy and thriving in that environment? Can the curriculum help with your spiritual and academic growth? Can it help you improve as a student and as a person of the Christian faith?

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